ATOM RPG MOD APK v1.39 (Character Unlocked)

ATOM RPG MOD APK v1.39 (Character Unlocked)

Updated: 25-10-2022 (2 years ago)
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ATOM RPG MOD APK is one of the most engaging survival role-playing games for mobile phones. Are you ready to live in such a harsh situation that death can come at any time?

Introducing ATOM RPG MOD APK

You are looking for a survival role-playing game right on your phone. But most of today’s survival games have a huge downside: you can only play by yourself. That means you are free to survive in the world that the developer created. You only meet very few people living in that world. For a pro gamer, that doesn’t really affect their experience. But if you’re a casual player, walking around all day can lead to depression. You can hardly experience that game for a long time. ATOM RPG has overcome that weakness. Lots of characters are available, helping you not get bored when experiencing this game.

The familiar post-apocalyptic background


The game takes you into a fantasy world. There was a war between the Soviet Union and the Western bloc in 1986. The end of the war was a series of nuclear bombs being thrown. They destroyed most of the forces on either side and included life on Earth as well. You are a lucky soldier who finds shelter through danger. Now you are confronting a world that has been devastated by war. Besides you there are many survivors, they may be good people or bad people who want to take your life. You must find ways to survive for as long as possible, find out what’s going on with the Earth while you are in hiding.

Weapons system


There are many things you can take advantage of in this game. Even the smallest things such as bricks, roadside stones, kitchen appliances,… From them, you can use them to trade, or craft weapons, ammunition, and essentials for survival. The use of your weapon also requires flexibility. For example, you cannot use a powerful weapon on a single normal enemy. Or use a pistol to confront an army. There is no such thing in this book or game tutorial article. All of them will be discovered by you in the course of survival and fighting.

Dark graphics


Post-apocalyptic games in general and this game in particular have very similarities. The colors in this game are brown. The scenery is rugged, the earth is cracked, this is definitely a post-apocalyptic world even if you don’t read through the storyline. Even the supporting characters, their designs, and actions are done in detail.

MOD APK version of ATOM RPG

The game is currently on price on Google Play for $8.5. This price is not high, but if you are someone who does not have a lot of money, please use our ATOM RPG MOD APK. The game version is provided for free. Helping you to experience without having to pay any penny. In addition, the version also unlocks all characters, you can choose your own appearance freely.

MOD feature

  • Unlock character

Download ATOM RPG MOD APK for Android

The current price of the game is not too expensive compared to all the content it offers. If you are already using our MOD version and really want to stick with the game for a long time. Developer favors are also a way for you to stay with the game longer. Thanks to the money of your support, maybe they will later release more new content, for example, the next story. If you have any difficulties or questions during the installation, experience the game. Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments section of the article.

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