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Experience idle style battles in Battle Night: Cyber ​​Squad-Idle RPG APK. Currently, the game has been released on both iOS and Android platforms, or you can download the APK version of Battle Night from the link below.

Battle Night: Cyber Squad-Idle RPG APK

Battle Night APK

Idle games are usually mostly in the simulation or farm genre, but have you ever played idle games in the action, fighting genre? If not, try to experience Battle Night: Cyber ​​Squad-Idle RPG, a game owned by FT Games. Overall, this game has a good start, a new style, but lacks interactivity leading to fast players getting bored. But if you need a game to kill time in your spare moments, this is also a good choice.


Opening Battle Night: Cyber ​​Squad-Idle RPG, you will experience the context, characters with dark cyberpunk style, and a little crazy. The gameplay of Battle Night is a mix of the role-playing and idle genres (However I find it largely more immersive). In which players will build a team with a maximum number of participants per match is five people. You will not need to do anything during the match, other than speed automatic combat. This is quite useful for those who are busy, do not have time to do manual combat.

However, not having control while fighting will make you feel bored of just sitting around and watching the match unfold. Every outcome of the battle is up to you to choose your squad and customize your character. The only idle feature I’ve seen in Battle Night is the fact that you can open a reward chest after 24 hours. The more battles you win, the more rewards you get.


In Battle Night: Cyber ​​Squad-Idle RPG there are many areas for you to visit. Each area serves many different purposes. Typically the Main Street bar, which is considered the main center of the game, is where you can get some new characters for free. You can even get a character of rarity and level if you spend tokens. A store is a place to buy equipment, materials, or blacksmiths. Visit the arena of fame or try your luck with an exciting rewarding video game or slot machine.


Battle Night APK

Battle Night is not inferior to other combat role-playing games when it also owns a huge character collection. The characters in this game are designed with a cyberpunk character with a pitiful, hysterical appearance. With a large number of characters, Battle Night easily leaves new players lost in the character menu. After playing it myself, my favorite character is Thunderbolt – Naomi, she has an appearance and ability that contrasts with her cute name. Or Power of Galaxy – Gilbert is also one of the characters with strong fighting ability.


As I said above, Battle Night: Cyber ​​Squad-Idle RPG is off to a pretty good start. But the game immediately shows its flaws after you play it for a while. In addition to the lack of player-character interaction matches, promotions that depend on in-store shopping are not satisfied by many players. Especially when the items in them are quite expensive. If you are unable to withdraw your wallet, it will take quite a while to get through.

Install Battle Night APK

To install Battle Night: Cyber Squad-Idle RPG APK, you need to follow a few steps below.

  1. Download the APK file we provide.
  2. Proceed to install the APK as usual.
  3. Open and experience.

Overall, if you want a bit of a change for your spare days, Battle Night: Cyber ​​Squad-Idle RPG is a good choice. Although there are still a few limitations, you can completely fix them in the APK version that we provide below.

Download game Battle Night: Cyber Squad-Idle RPG APK for Android

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