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BattleOps MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is ready for download. Join the day in this FPS action shooter game to experience the feeling of a soldier in the war with the most realism.

BattleOps MOD APK

Although the theme of war is no longer new in the gaming community, they always attract the attention of many players. In this post, we would like to present to every gamer a new game released by Techouse Games called BattleOps. Rated as a good candidate for the replacement position of Call of Duty. Moreover, this game is still in the finishing stage so you can completely trust and experience it on your device.


BattleOps ushered in a turbulent time in the future. The country and its people were all severely damaged by war. People miserable, riot forces everywhere with the aim of mastering the city. To quell the riot, restore peace to the region, the government has dispatched an elite force to join the battlefield. They were assigned to fight with the aim of regaining peace in the European region. As an elite team member who is also a professional mercenary, the main character is responsible for leading the team to complete the assigned mission.


If you’ve played Call of Duty, you will find BattleOps has a lot of similarities in gameplay and graphics. At the beginning of the game, the main character is awakened after a long coma. He was immediately assigned the task of raiding the enemy’s base to find weapons as well as destroy the enemy, and retake each military zone. The enemies were numerous and almost everywhere in the city. So after completing the quest, you will be sent to a new area with new objectives.

The control system in this game is quite intuitive and simple. Most of them are clearly displayed on the screen, allowing players to move the character to perform actions such as running, jumping, sitting or walking slowly, reloading, and bombing. If you’re new to BattleOps for the first time, you can use the auto-fire feature. After you become familiar with the fighting style, you can turn off this feature for manual aiming.

Game modes

Currently, BattleOps has three main game modes including story mode, campaign mode, and multiplayer mode. In particular, BattleOps is an Offline game. You will not need a network connection to experience that can be played anywhere, anytime.

The fierce battle

One of the factors that attract gamers is that the in-game environment is extremely realistic and attractive. The scene is depicted fiercely with many explosive effects, giving the feeling of being on the real battlefield. As it is still in the process of being finalized, BattleOps is regularly adding new maps in campaign mode and multiplayer mode. The regime’s context is also continuously changed, bringing many new feelings. You can set up many tactics with your teammates to test on new maps.

This is a shooting game using the first-person method. Players will feel like participating in real wars. With its sharp image quality, you can experience it on devices with large screens without worrying about image quality. Moreover, every movement is also optimized to help the game work smoothly on any device, even low-profile devices.

Weapon system

The arsenal of BattleOps will certainly be the place to satisfy the passion of all gunners. Dozens of guns with powerful destructive powers and eye-catching looks are waiting for you. In addition, BattleOps also provides automatic guns such as AUG, G36,… for newbies. Increase the damage level and increase control by upgrading the weapon system. This will consume cash and diamond (you can collect them in the process of performing missions). However, you can also use the MOD version that we provide so that everything is easily solved.

Download game BattleOps MOD APK for Android

Although released late compared to other FPS shooting games, BattleOps MOD APK still proves its ability and position. With a high level of perfection in both gameplay and graphics, this will definitely be a game you cannot miss. Download now for Android devices using the link we provide.

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