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Update on April 13, 2023 (10 months ago)

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Developed and released by Badsnowball, Beat Shooter MOD APK is the most popular music-based shooting game today. Players will be involved in the game screen, both thrilling and entertaining, combined with the beautiful melody of the music. You can download the MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP) version that we provide by following the link below.

About Beat Shooter MOD APK

The shooter genre is too familiar to everyone, but Beat Shooter is the first game shooting without blood, violence, smoke, and fire. Beat Shooter gives players a classic feeling but is still modern, combined with trendy music tunes. Coming to Beat Shooter, your task is not to kill people but simply shoot at the cubes on the screen. Sounds easy and a bit boring, right? But believe me, you will indeed spend hours with this game.

The gameplay is simple but attractive

At each level of Beat Shooter, players will be provided with a gun barrel to use. The player’s task is to shoot all the notes on the screen. The control system is simple, so players only need to move their fingers to align the barrel direction for the most accuracy. The unique thing about Beat Shooter is that there will be a musical sound when the player hits a musical note. Many notes that are hit will form a complete piece of music. Beat Shooter does not require players to have many skills, but the higher you go, the faster the running speed of the notes will increase. Hit it will be tough, so players need to focus a lot.

Lots of good songs

While shooting, you will enjoy the melody of many good songs. Beat Shooter constantly updates the best and hottest music today to increase the user experience. The closer to the end of the song, the faster the speed of the notes appears, requiring the player to have flexible reflexes and good aiming skills.

Diverse gun collection

To help players not get bored, Beat Shooter provides players with dozens of beautiful gun skins to create more excitement to play. You can buy these skins in the game store and equip his gun to become more prominent. Use the bonuses you get after each win to fill up your gun collection further.

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