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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! MOD APK v6.13.3 (Unlimited Money)

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! MOD APK v6.13.3 (Unlimited Money)

Updated: 23-07-2024 (14 hours ago)
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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!
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Unlimited Money
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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! MOD APK is a music game for fans of the vibrant EDM genre. In the MOD version, you will have unlimited money.

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! MOD APK

Are you a music enthusiast? If so, you won’t be able to miss the Tiles Hop music game developed by AMANOTES. With attractive and addictive gameplay with vibrant music, this will definitely be an indispensable game on your Android device. Currently, the game has achieved more than 100.000.000+ installs. Show its appeal because the game has not been released for a long time. This game always updates the current trending songs in the world, and you can hardly get bored with the gameplay that the publisher brings. Besides, the game also has different game modes such as online competition, balance matches…

When entering the game, you will be started with musical melodies. At this point, you can enter the work of experiencing the first music in the game. After completing the songs that the game brings, the player will be rewarded with stars. Accordingly, you will be able to unlock more great songs. This brings more excitement to players with challenges from easy to difficult. The game is currently playing all the good music and available on other apps. Players can play all modes or all cards that other games have locked. Tiles Hop will give you the most enjoyable experience and bring a lot of the latest and trending music.


At the beginning of the game, players will be familiar with the manipulation of the inspiration screen to create music. Players will use their skilled hands to control the ball to touch unexpected notes that appear. If you fail, you will have to start the game from the beginning. Besides, you will see the speed of the game will be pushed to the climax as players pass through different levels.

The game not only has obstacles that we bump into, but you will also receive extremely useful items. On the screen will appear a lot of musical notes scattered across the screen. When playing you will receive the corresponding number of points. Let’s play so you can create many records of your own. Items that help us with new features on the game such as being able to increase a high speed without being blocked by obstacles, or the protective circle that helps us to collide with objects and not lose our lives.

Discover great music

When coming to Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!, players will hear the best music. These tracks are remixed by famous artists to bring players the most vibrant ears. Currently, there are many great songs of many genres, you can enjoy your favorite songs like Bang Bang Bang, Love Scenario, Playing with fire,… Play with the most comfortable spirit and together each other to create their own records and break the records that players around the world have created.

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! MOD APK version

With this version of Tiles Hop MOD APK, you already have an unlimited amount of money available so you can freely buy what you want. An interesting feature that you cannot miss when playing this game.

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