BlockSite Mod APK v2.1.1.5250 (Premium Unlocked)

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BlockSite Mod APK is an application that helps users control their time using time-wasting applications to focus on more productive work. BlockSite has proven its usefulness through the number of downloads on the Google Play Store, tens of thousands of people have and still use it. People even appreciate the support of this browser. Entertainment applications are necessary, but using too much will make you addicted and unable to focus on solving more important things. To prevent this situation, the publisher BlockSite has released the application of the same name, many time setting chart features are integrated for maximum user support.

BlockSite – Avoid Distractions


Do you feel like you’re losing control of your own focus? Then let BlockSite build healthy work habits. By deleting websites that are time-consuming and harmful to your daily life, you will improve your focus. When you are no longer tempted by social media entertainment, you spend that time to solve your affairs. Shorten leisure time to get better work efficiency.

BlockSite – Avoid Distractions


BlockSite supports users to schedule work, schedule to use the application. You can create time slots for each of your days. For example, how many hours do you spend to solve work, exercise, read books, cook dinner, etc. Every time a time period ends, the app will notify you of the schedule so you know what to do next. It is not necessary to delete all entertainment applications, install a certain amount of time each day. Scientific work schedule from there to solve more work.

BlockSite – Avoid Distractions


This is an essential feature when parents want to control what their little ones are watching on their phones every day. All sexually explicit content, including advertisements that cannot appear on the web, is being used. Web browser and web blocker will help users more easily and quickly manage unnecessary content. BlockSite gives users the freedom to sync between mobile and desktop devices.

BlockSite – Avoid Distractions


  • BlockSite integrates a variety of features to support users’ time management.
  • Improve productivity by reducing interactions with time-wasting apps.
  • Schedule daily tasks so you don’t miss any items.
  • Track charts and stats to see how you’re improving.
  • The interface of the application is very friendly and easy for users to grasp information.
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