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Bomber Friends MOD APK v5.16 (God Mode, Skins Unlocked)

Bomber Friends MOD APK v5.16 (God Mode, Skins Unlocked)

Updated: 30-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Bomber Friends
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God Mode, Skins Unlocked
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Join the battles using fiery bombs in Bomber Friends MOD APK. This is an action game that is recommended for ages ten and up. The MOD version for Android mobile devices is officially released. When participating, you will need to control your character to move between the mazes of the game and plant bombs to defeat the opponent without harming yourself. It requires players to observe the surrounding terrain take advantage of the dead angle to corner the opponent. In addition, you also need to have a fast movement speed. Otherwise, you will get bombs placed by your opponent or set by yourself. A lot of exciting challenges are waiting for you to discover. Use the MOD version that we provide to get every outfit you want. The Skins Unlocked feature is sure to surprise you because there are so many options for you to choose from. Feel free to express your style.

About Bomber Friends MOD APK – The best bomb-themed action game on phones.

Surely none of us know the classic game Bomb that once made a deep impression. If you love that gameplay and want to try something new, let me introduce you to Bomber Friends. Each level will have four people fighting to defeat each other. You must constantly move and manipulate bombs to bring your opponent into the trap. Don’t forget to collect support items along the way. It will give you more advantages. Players can also wholly form a 2v2 team to play. Ready to show your speed? Currently, on Google Play Store alone, Bomber Friends has also attracted millions of downloads. Not only that, it still retains the love that fans give. Most people leave compliments. The rating is 4.2/5 stars.

Fascinating plot

To increase the game’s attractiveness, the publisher built a story for Bomber Friends. Life was initially peaceful, but Orcs came to destroy the Bomber’s village one day. Bomber’s friends have been kidnapped, and he doesn’t seem to know where everyone is. Therefore, he adventured through distant lands, facing many difficulties, but he was confident that he would complete the task with his skills. More cultivated skills will help you get to the end for many matches.

How to play easy to grasp

Bomber Friends’ bombing gameplay is no longer strange to the game lover community. Each level appears a maze with many different branches for you to move. With the solo game mode, you go up against three other players. Some wooden crates or other objects can be destroyed when you place the bomb. But there are also objects that you cannot beat. However, that creates an advantage for yourself as well as the enemy. Take advantage of those indestructible points to “trap” other players. They cannot escape and must be hit by your bombs.

Collect items

You will see items scattered along the way. But there are times when they are hidden in the brick that only when the bomb explodes can you see. Move quickly to collect them. There will be shoes to help you run faster or a shield that will make you immortal for 5 seconds. Even if the opponent has planted a bomb nearby, you will not be hurt. Flame increases the bomb’s impact, and the bomb shape helps you place more bombs in a short time. However, there is also something that is not an aid that you need to pay attention to, Skull. If you accidentally collect it, it makes you move slowly. And, of course, the opponent will not miss that opportunity to bomb you.

Change the character’s costume.

To increase the level of fun, Bomber Friends allows players to change the appearance of the character they are controlling. There are many lovely designs to choose from to express your style. For example, a pirate hat, a cowboy hat, even a giant parrot hat on his head. Wearing a special outfit helps you stand out and be more confident, right? Use your gold coins to buy these skins.

Countless challenges are waiting.

Bomber Friends is divided into many different levels. The higher the player level up, the more new challenges will be unlocked. Challenges follow each other with a maze of terrain that changes with each match. Players are randomly matched with other players to increase the challenge. You won’t know what your opponent’s playing style is, and what you need is to be very focused so as not to get caught in the trap. You can also play 2v2 with your teammates to support each other to win.

More Features of Bomber Friends MOD APK

  • Beautiful graphics and very detailed construction
  • Inspiring fun sounds
  • Intuitive control screen, easy to use
  • Constantly updating new events for players to express themselves.

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