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Bridge Constructor Portal APK (MOD, Paid) is a bridge-building game, released by Headup recently. With unique features, the game soon attracted more than 500 thousand installs even though players had to pay $6.43 to download it from Google Play.

About Bridge Constructor Portal

According to initial information from the publisher, Bridge Constructor Portal is a hybrid game from two games Portal and Bridge Constructor. As such, the gameplay of this game will be expanded with more elements. How will you build bridges that can withstand loads of dozens of large vehicles?


In the Bridge Constructor Portal, you will act as an employee in the Aperture Science laboratory. You have the task of building bridges at certain locations. The game will give you some of the necessary materials for you to complete the assigned task.

Bridge Constructor Portal APK

At the beginning of the game, Bridge Constructor Portal provides the necessary instructions so that you can understand what you need to do and how to do it. This manual includes text, voice, and on-screen instructions and icons. So you can easily access the game even if you have never played bridge-building games before.

To build a bridge, there are several stages as follows. First, you need to come up with a blueprint for the bridge. Second, you need to build the bridge based on the blueprint and the necessary materials that the system provides. The third is to complete the bridge, pour concrete or steel to make them stronger.

As soon as the bridge is completed, you can perform a test. These are not necessary, but they are useful because they can indicate weak points on the bridge. Thanks to that, you can fix it before the bridge is put into operation.

When the bridge is operational, the laboratory’s transport vehicles will pass through them. Depending on the level and difficulty, the number of these cars is different. When they move over the bridge and without any problems, you win and move on to the next round.

The unique fun of each level

Currently, Bridge Constructor Portal has 10 levels. Each level has a certain number of rounds. For example, level 1 – My first Bridge has 60 rounds. You need to pass all of them before going through level 2 – Slopes.

Bridge Constructor Portal APK

Of course, the difficulty of each round and each level is different. They tend to be more difficult. Some people think that Bridge Constructor Portal is a trial-and-error puzzle game. And so, if you fail in the bridge construction process, you can play again and try to build the bridge based on the new blueprint. My suggestion to you is: pay attention to the number of trucks that will travel across the bridge, the terrain and the type of materials you have.

Don’t let difficulties discourage you

Although Bridge Constructor Portal has simulation elements, sometimes they are not tied to the real world. That means you can build bridges based on your imagination. A bridge suspended in mid-air? Or a non-seamless bridge, joined by two halves? All could be the answer you are looking for.

However, you also need to follow the actual laws of physics. The bridge needs to ensure a number of factors such as flat, with a supporting shaft,… If a bridge bends, the cars will not be able to move through and take you more time.

Environmental factors also affect the quality of the bridge. If you build bridges over an acid pool, they can corrode your bridge if the materials are not suitable.

Bridge Constructor Portal APK

In addition, you also have to face other obstacles such as laser beams, bombs, and traps.


Bridge Constructor Portal has a fairly simple graphical background. They are built on a 2D platform, with an interesting cartoon style. The game also has effects such as explosions, lights and beautiful environmental effects.

However, the details drawn are quite small. Although you can zoom in/out using the zoom in/zoom out operations on the screen, if your device has a screen of 5.0 inches or more, the experience will be better.

Download Bridge Constructor Portal APK for Android

Bridge Constructor Portal is a very interesting bridge-building game. Not only do you have to cleverly design the architecture for the bridge to be able to withstand the load of the transport vehicles, but you need to combine the materials and the “Portal” gates from the game of the same name to be able to win.

Above is an introduction to the game Bridge Constructor Portal that you can refer to before downloading this game. Currently, we provide the APK file of the game with the latest version. You can download them for free here, or get them on Google Play for $6.43.

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