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Sherlock MOD APK v1.46.4600 (Unlimited Money)

Sherlock MOD APK v1.46.4600 (Unlimited Money)

Updated: 30-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Sherlock MOD APK takes you to a mysterious world of books, where you must work with detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to recover the messed up books and find the mysteries through the challenges that the game offers.

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Are you passionate about the investigation? Want to find the truth in both mysterious cases? Then follow the famous detective Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock to know the truth. Players will be great assistants, solving puzzles and finding the truth with this talented detective, so hurry up and test your intelligence right away.

In the world of Sherlock, the evil machinations of the villains cause the popular novels to be flipped on their heads, and the villains change the plot in order to injure the protagonist, prompting the protagonist to fight back. Change of truth has a significant impact on a large number of individuals, and our mission is to topple those who hold such beliefs.

It is a false paradox that the books are changed to affect humanity and that evil triumphs over good greatly. Subsequent generations will have misconceptions about life, affecting the whole world. In the pages of The Hound of the Baskervilles, Alice in Wonderland, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and many other novels, you won’t find the content and lessons you’ve read before.


When well-known works are being altered, it is on to people like us to speak up in their defense. When playing Sherlock Holmes, the player is entrusted with assisting investigator Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in their efforts to foil these diabolical schemes. Please assist them in reclaiming the book and get justice for it.

In addition to recovery, you also have to work with detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to find the mysterious truths hidden behind the words of these famous novels. Events always carry meanings and mysteries that readers may not know; you will be surprised by the content behind those words. Let’s embark on discovering interesting things.


Players will have to embark on nerve-wracking and thrilling investigations to find the puzzle to the mysteries hidden in the books in Sherlock. Players must participate in the search for objects that match the game’s requirements to have clues for their case. This will be quite a thrilling round because the objects are often hidden very carefully difficult to find. Next, to be able to find the truth quickly, the player must connect the gems in a row to get more hints from the game. The hints will be important clues that you need to know.

In addition, players also have to solve difficult and difficult questions. To come to the questions, players have to go through many difficult stages, and these questions will be the answers to your questions. This can be said to be a game that needs players to use all their sharp senses to find out the long-buried secrets.


If you’re afraid of boring Sherlock with just a few small books, you’re wrong. This game will continuously update new books so you can better understand these famous books. The solution, finding this truth, is an opportunity for you to open your eyes and understand more about this colorful surrounding world.

Sherlock is a game that needs players to use all of their senses to find the holes and anomalies hidden behind the words. You will have to help Detective Sherlock Holmes investigate these mysterious cases to expose the truth for all to see. This is a game that helps players open their eyes.


  • The player must join detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to foil a plot to change famous books.
  • In addition, you also have to discover mysterious events hidden behind the words of famous novels.
  • Participate in the search for objects required by the game to get clues in order to solve the case.
  • Players also have to match the gems together and solve difficult questions to find the truth.
  • The game will always update the books continuously so that players do not get bored with the old books.

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