Captain Hero: Super Fighter MOD APK v1.32.0 (Unlimited Money, Dumb Enemy)

Update on May 28, 2023 (9 months ago)

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Captain Hero: Super Fighter



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Unlimited Money, Dumb Enemy

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The latest superhero game on Android – Captain Hero: Super Fighter Mod APK has been released. You can download the MOD APK version of the game according to the link we provide for the best experience.

About Captain Hero: Super Fighter MOD APK

Superhero – Captain America Captain Hero is so familiar to us, and this is also the dream of millions of children around the world. Coming to Captain Hero: Super Fighter, you will be playing the role of this superhero, continuing to shoulder the responsibility of protecting the world’s peace. The game offers many attractive combat missions, which will definitely give you the best moments of entertainment.

Become a guardian of justice

Captain America was once a normal human before suddenly a mutation in his body gave him special powers, becoming many times stronger than normal people. Because of that, he understands the dangers that the people are facing in this city. Crime in the city where Captain America lives is so dangerous that the police have to give up. To stop the bandits, Captain America must help the police track down and arrest these notorious criminals. A lot of hunting missions in Captain Hero: Super Fighter such as stopping robbery and murder, catching drug crime bosses, etc.

Captain Hero- Super Fighter MOD APK

In this world of Captain Hero: Super Fighter action three-dimensional, you will be free to control your character. Control the character of Captain to move and blend into the lair of criminals, demonstrate super close combat skills, and defeat them as quickly as possible. No one can help you, not even other superheroes like Spiderman or Iron Man, so you have to do your best to defeat the bosses in this game.

Create new fighting skills in Captain Hero: Super Fighter

Captain America is a superhero with many beautiful melee combat skills. And in Captain Hero: Super Fighter you will also experience all those great fighting skills. Captain Hero: Super Fighter was created according to the beat ’em up genre and added a little innovation, revolutionizing this fighting genre. Players easily control the character with the joystick buttons on the screen, the right-hand side is a series of skills such as straight punch, acrobatics, shield panning, impact on the head. You can combine these skills with moves to create new combat skills that are more effective.

Especially as you go deeper into Captain Hero: Super Fighter, the tasks you have to take on will become much more difficult. At the same time, when you win battles, you will have more opportunities to unlock new skills with higher damage. A lot of amazing active and passive skills are waiting for you to discover and use. Moreover, when you win, you also receive more attractive rewards (mainly money). You can use this money to unlock more new perks. These perks are extremely useful, especially when you have to face powerful final bosses. Do everything to increase your chances of winning as high as possible. And in addition to the shield, Captain America in Captain Hero: Super Fighter can also use other weapons such as pistols and Kanata.

Transform your hero

Your hero will not only have top-notch fighting skills, rich in charity but also be an extremely handsome and stylish person. You can completely customize your hero to be any style you want. From clothes, suits, shoes, hats, or any changeable object in the superhero’s shoe cabinet. You can even change the color and decoration of Captain America’s shield.

Captain Hero- Super Fighter MOD APK

Moreover, with Captain Hero: Super Fighter, you can also meet and chat with other players from all over the world. Not only chatting and confiding about newly created skills, you and your friends are also allowed to exchange items such as clothes, hats, and shoes of the character.

Great graphics

Right from the first moments of experiencing Captain Hero: Super Fighter, I was extremely impressed with the extremely sharp 3D graphics. Everything from the context, to the character design, is very meticulous. Especially, the motion effects and physics are very smooth, suitable for the fighting style of Captain Hero: Super Fighter. There are two main viewing angles including first-person and third-person, at your disposal. Thanks to that, you will easily immerse yourself in the colorful game world of Captain Hero: Super Fighter.

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