Cover Fire MOD APK v1.24.08 (Unlimited Money)

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App NameCover Fire
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version1.24.08
Update September 21, 2023 (2 weeks ago)
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If you are passionate about action battles, you cannot ignore Cover Fire MOD APK. In this game you will become an excellent shooter, using weapons to destroy enemies. Can you become the best? Quickly download the game and find the answer!

About Cover Fire MOD APK

Anyone in the game-loving community has also tried games of the action genre. And it will be a big mistake if you do not participate in Cover Fire. This is a game from the publisher Viva Games Studios. Since its launch, this game has attracted more than two million downloads on the Google Play Store. The majority of players leave positive reviews. So don’t hesitate to give it a try, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Fascinating plot

We see so many different action games, it can be hard to choose which one you should get into. So, to increase the attractiveness of Cover Fire, the publisher built it based on an extremely attractive plot. Set in a mystical world. In the beginning, everything was fine, people lived in peace with each other. But suddenly one day, a force of bad guys named Tetracorp invaded and destroyed the world. That’s why the world needs heroes to save. And you will play as the hero, use weapons, fight to defeat the enemies, make them all disappear.

Weapon Selection

As I said above, you have to fight and of course, can’t do without weapons. Cover Fire provides you with a huge arsenal of weapons, a variety of different guns for you to choose from. From heavy machine guns to sniper rifles or pistols, shotguns, grenades,… Depending on the nature of the mission, you have to consider what kind of weapon you should bring with you. With a mission that requires stealth, remote suppression, you must use a sniper rifle. And when the number of enemies is large, you have to confront them directly, use heavy machine guns or plant bombs, throw grenades into their lairs.

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Selection of members of the support team

In fact, Cover Fire has many different characters for you to choose from. That is, you can change the character to do the task. Because it is impossible for one person to be good at all fields or master all skills. So you will have to set up for yourself a character lineup to choose to change to suit the nature of the mission. In the beginning, the quests will be simple, but later becomes more difficult, you cannot act with only one person. Unlock characters with new skills such as hacker, sniper, attack,… Each character has a different appearance, consider who you should include in your support team.

Multiple game modes

In Cover Fire, there will be many different modes. Such as the Sniper FPS Ops mode. In this mode, players are only allowed to use sniper rifles. The challenge is to race against time and destroy as many enemies as possible. How many enemies will you destroy? In addition, Cover Fire also has events like shooting zombies. Although the zombies move slowly, their number is very large. You have to calculate how to destroy as many as possible. Try to survive until dawn.

Cover Fire MOD APK for Android

The hottest offline game

One thing that most people emphasize about Cover Fire is that it can be played when they are offline. Currently, most shooting games like PUBG mobile, Rules of Survival,… all force players to join online. As for Cover Fire, you can join anywhere, anytime you have free time, and don’t need wifi or mobile data. Don’t underestimate the default robots, they don’t lose easily.

Attractive graphics and sound

Cover Fire’s HD graphics are considered to be very detailed, recreating realistic action scenes. The colors in the game are a combination of dark colors, creating a gloomy scene. The sound is lively, including the sound of guns firing, the explosion of grenades. All of those elements combine to make players feel like they’re really immersed in the story. Inspire players to take action, win to protect the world.

To unleash unlimited combat, multiply your reward after each victory, use the Cover Fire MOD APK version that we provide. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with those amazing features. Enjoy the most meaningful entertainment moment!

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How to install (update) Cover Fire MOD APK

  • Download Cover Fire Mod Apk latest version on
  • Install this .apk file after download.
  • If the file type is .xapk, install it through XAPKS Installer.
  • Follow steps by step.
  • Open & enjoy Cover Fire Mod Apk.
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