CSGO Mobile MOD APK 3.0.2a (APK Only)

Last updated: 07/06/2021 (4 months ago)

Latest Version3.0.2a
MOD InfoAPK Only
PublisherValve Corporation
PackageGoogle Play Link

The current, fans of the classic shooting game CS: GO can experience it right on their Android device. Download now CSGO Mobile APK latest version of this game follow our link below.

Introducing CSGO Mobile


Shooting fans can’t help but know the classic game that has been a monument for more than 20 years, Counter-Strike. After many improved versions and upgrades, now it can be said that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is considered the most complete version that Valve Corporation has ever released. With attractive gameplay and maximum upgraded graphics, CSGO Mobile has conquered the hearts of players, even the most demanding people. Even this great game hosts many major tournaments, attracting many professional teams to participate.


CSGO Mobile

If you have ever played versions of this game on PC, you will understand that this game requires very high manipulation. Just a little difference is enough to distinguish between a professional gamer and a casual player. Therefore, the transition to Mobile form is quite a big challenge. Fortunately, the publisher of CSGO Mobile did a very good job of this.

CSGO Mobile’s interface is very intuitive design with basic virtual buttons on the screen. You can use them to shoot, change bullets, aim, or exchange weapons. Control your character with 5 movement states including jump, sit, stand, run, and slow.

Modes in CSGO Mobile

CSGO Mobile

Bomb Defuse is the only mode of CSGO Mobile up to now. Each match in this mode will have a maximum of 10 participants and is divided into 2 teams. Counter-Terrorism Team and Terrorist Team. The Counter-Terrorist Team needs to prevent the Terrorists from placing bombs. The terrorists just need to place bombs and keep the bombs exploding until the end of the hour to win. Or if one of the two factions is destroyed, the other side will also win.

Although there is only one mode, but not so that CSGO Mobile reduces its attractiveness. I believe that in the following updates there will be more modes like Team Deathmatch and Zombies,…

Weapon system

CSGO Mobile owns the same extensive gun collection as the original version. A lot of diverse models must be mentioned such as M4A1, USP, AK- 47, P250, FAMAS,… In addition to guns, you can equip your character with more armor, hats, and quick bomb removal.

In particular, in CSGO Mobile, there are four types of bombs that have created a brand for this game. The bombs contributed greatly to creating tactics as well as bringing victory to our team. Currently, this game has a lot of professional teams participating. You can follow their matches and learn more tactical tips to control the game more effectively.


Talking about the graphics, CSGO Mobile is completely not inferior to its PC man. Everything is designed with sharp 3D graphics, from environments, characters, guns, and effects. The realistic viewing angle combined with the smooth movement increases the player’s experience in each battle.


Following is a list of the available maps of this game. It includes Cache, Mirage, Dust 2. Each map has a different context and environment, you should research first and come up with the appropriate strategy for each map.

Install CSGO Mobile APK

To install CSGO Mobile APK, you need to do a few taps below.

  1. Download the CSGO Mobile APK file we provide.
  2. Proceed to install the APK.
  3. Open and enjoy.

Download CSGO Mobile APK for Android

With my solid foundation, I believe that CSGO Mobile will soon rise and stand in the same ranks as PUBG, Call of Duty, or Half-Life. Download the latest version of this game now through the link below and experience intense gun battles.

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