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Cytus II APK is a game in the genre of interactive music – the version that follows the success of Cytus I. Although it is a version in the series of Cytus game series, Cytus II does not have a color but is loved by the gaming community around the world and appreciates novelty and attractiveness. Coming to Cytus II, players will not only enjoy top-notch music, but also interact directly with the music being played. This creates a wonderful and unique experience that is only available in Cytus II.

Captivating game rhythm

You will play Cytus II with basic taps and swipes. Depending on the tempo of each track, the difficulty will increase. In each song, there will be 5 different musical notes, your job is to touch the colored circles or musical notes that appear on the screen quickly and accurately. However, you need to control the speed of manipulation according to the rhythm of a certain piece of music to win the scores.

Diverse collection of grandmothers

Cytus II does not limit the music genre you choose to play, it provides players with a music store with more than 150 songs by artists around the world. These songs will be of different musical styles and have different difficult rhythms. You will be able to choose one of the characters to accompany in the game such as ConneR, Neko, Paff or Xenon. These characters will have distinctive features that come with the ability to unlock songs in the collection, which can be easy or difficult. Choose your favorite songs, compete with players in the game, this is really a great music party that you should experience.

Meet and get to know a community of players around the world.

Coming to Cytus II, you will not only play alone, but compete with many players around the world. They are players you don’t know but have the same musical taste as you. This feature is like a playground to help connect players around the world together, sharing interesting stories in the game as well as in real life of each gamer. It creates conditions for players to have the opportunity to make many new friends beyond the territory, both domestically and internationally.

Simple graphics, vivid sound

Cytus II is designed in 2D graphic style with special and thorough character creation. The characters in the game are carefully shaped in appearance, expressions and movements are shown quite vividly to create the most realistic feeling for players. In addition, music is an element that has no words to describe in the game, it gives players special music, which can be likened to a top-notch concert with famous DJs around the world.

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