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Days After MOD APK v11.5.1 (Immortality/Max Durability)

Days After MOD APK v11.5.1 (Immortality/Max Durability)

Updated: 16-03-2024 (4 months ago)
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Days After
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Immortality/Max Durability
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Days After: Survival Mod APK is a horror simulation game by REACTGAMES STUDIO LIMITED. Like a horror movie about zombies, this is a simulation of the world after the destruction, and the main character in that movie is you and the scary zombies.

The game is about fighting against zombies and trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The main objective and mission of the game are to survive. It sounds simple, but zombies and wild animals will not let you be free to do what you want. The more you find a way to survive, the stronger and more you will adapt to this scary world.


Set in the apocalyptic world after being invaded by zombies, your character is the prey that attracts those bloodthirsty zombies. The game has a simple landscape design, easy to observe and identify everything around, unlike the horror zombie movies we often see. Therefore, moving and acting are also much more comfortable and more accessible.

The game creates a large map with many different places for players to experience. The large map size makes it easy for players to collect items and complete assigned tasks to receive many rewards that help with survival.


Coming to Days After: Survival, you will have to play the role of a character who is always in the mood to fight for life in a dangerous environment. Whenever you let your guard down, you will find yourself in the same situation as the people of that ruined world. Therefore, once you have entered this world, you can only try to find all options for your survival.

Kill zombies and wild animals, or scavenge in abandoned objects; you will receive many valuable items. From those items, you will be able to build a base and complete many exciting quests to receive valuable rewards and weapons that make it easier for you to fight the zombies.


Like the heroes in horror zombie movies, you will become your own hero when you dare to face all the difficulties to win your life. Days After: Survival is like real training for you, and you have to fight hunger and thirst while fighting zombies and beasts to survive. Only when strongly resisting all harmful objects or skillfully searching for valuable qualities can you survive.

The great thing is that you can collect the left-over diaries of the unfortunate victims to refer to the secret routes, a useful method to help you not be alone in your journey to find your way of life. Be careful while focusing on the things recorded in the diary; zombies or bloodthirsty beasts always know how to make you regret it.


When experiencing Days After: Survival, you can choose a male or female character. Characters are built simply, creating an intimate feeling; players easily immerse themselves in character. The game’s terrain is primarily rural space designed with investment, sharp images like real. Every little detail in the game is delicately and warmly portrayed.

Numerous items and weapons with high-quality graphics familiar to players help increase the comfort of the game experience. The game has delicately designed a virtual world full of horror zombies but still feels familiar. This helps players have more courage, not backing down from any risk.

Days After: Survival is a survival game with a sense of closeness in a ruined world after being invaded by zombies. Not too pitiful, fierce, but surely you will be attracted by the exciting survival journey. To survive, you must find food and drink turn items into weapons or useful products for life. In addition, players also build their own hiding bases. You want to have a huge base; creating a sense of security and beauty requires players to collect many necessary items throughout the game.


  • Players like to immerse themselves in a brave survival journey against zombies; the game’s atmosphere is not too fierce but gentle and familiar.
  • Experiment to see how your ability and bravery are. Players must be strong and clever to overcome obstacles to complete the noble mission.
  • The game is equipped with quality images of characters, scenes, and sharp weapons, invested in every detail, creating a friendly feeling, pleasing to the eyes.
  • Collect items, kill zombies to receive valuable items and build a safe base from dangers lurking.
  • Survival is the core goal of the game, your long journey with diverse and creative missions.

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