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Death Road to Canada MOD APK v1.8.1 (Full Game)

Death Road to Canada MOD APK v1.8.1 (Full Game)

Updated: 26-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Join an exciting adventure in Death Road to Canada MOD APK. The road to Canada is full of zombies and unexpected challenges, you can die at any time if you do not move in time. So do you dare to experience this game?


Death Road to Canada is a new action and horror game that is widely sought after by the publisher Noodlecake Studios Inc. Currently, this game is available on Google Play for about 10 USD and owns more than 50,000 installs from the gaming community. In addition, it also achieved 4.4/5 rating points from nearly 3000 players. This is an impressive achievement for a game as new and simple as Death Road to Canada.

Note: This game is not recommended for players under the age of 16 because of the obvious element of violence. So think before downloading it to your phone.


Get ready to face the dark and horror scene in Death Road to Canada. A pandemic is raging everywhere, causing hundreds and thousands of undead on the streets to multiply. You are a resident here, and you must fight every day to survive.

Bloodthirsty zombies are everywhere such as ancient buildings, streets, stations, hospitals, parks, schools. You have almost no way to avoid them. There is only one way at the moment, and that is to fight with guns, axes and whatever else you have.


Death Road to Canada MOD is an action game. However, it also integrates story and puzzle elements. Therefore, besides fighting, players also have to participate in built-in special events. These events will help them meet many new friends. They are useful warriors who accompany you throughout your journey. However, be careful with invitations from strangers. Not everyone is willing to join your team and they can cause you a lot of trouble.


Death Road to Canada gives players a very unique character system. They not only have diverse looks, but also possess different monstrous skills. The more special characters you can gather into a team, the better your chances of winning. However, this also depends on how the characters work together. During an event, the characters on your team will simultaneously give opinions and you are the final judge. However, in a match, the player can choose a certain character to take the lead.


You know, everything in Death Road to Canada is set up completely randomly. So players will not know what they will face in the second leg until participating. The places they go, events, characters… that players encounter are not arranged in advance. You may meet many different characters on your journey but it’s hard to know who they are. But in general, the characters will have 2 tendencies: to help or hinder you.

Besides, the map of Death Road to Canada MOD is also a random element. Zombies will appear unannounced all over the map, and so will the items. Players need to explore many places to find the items they need. It can be keys, potions and weapons.

In terms of weapons, Death Road to Canada offers a wide variety, including flamethrowers, combat guns, hockey, lightning bolts, Mjolnir, boomerangs, etc. Each type gives you a satisfying feeling every time you fight. fight.


Death Road to Canada brings classic pixel graphics style on 2D platform. The characters and context in the game are designed quite nicely, but not too clear and realistic. In addition, the effects from the characters’ battle scenes are also well represented, especially the gore scenes. Besides, I am quite impressed with the color scheme in the game. It changes flexibly through each scene and highlights the horror and dark elements that the game brings.


Death Road to Canada MOD APK is a place for you to comfortably kill zombies during the experience. There are more than 500 zombies surrounding you and the only way is to fight. A steady head and skilled fighting skills are what you need to win. Are you ready?

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