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Enter the tough job market set in Korean companies in Don’t get fired! MOD APK. This is a role-playing game for ages 3 and up. The latest MOD APK version suitable for Android mobile devices has been released. Players will take on the role of a character to apply for jobs at companies, do their best to advance from an intern position to becoming a company president. Can you do it before you get fired? The unlimited money MOD feature that we provide will help you to multiply the gold you receive after every working hour. Easily improve your productivity and skills to go further in your career.

About Don’t get fired! MOD APK

Don’t get fired! mainly focus on exploiting the working process of office staff. Many children are curious about how to work in companies or want to experience the feeling of being a part of large corporations, this is a very suitable game. It is based on reality to build the ladder of advancement for players. Your task is to perform at your best, constantly striving to improve your skills. Never be lazy to get fired! Like the name of the game, don’t get fired. If you are fired you will have to start over. The game of the publisher QuickTurtle Co. Ltd. Since its launch, it has attracted hundreds of thousands of participants. Most people love its gameplay, giving many positive compliments for Don’t get fired!. So, don’t wait any longer and download it quickly!

Apply for a position in the company

As a new member, you will be guided in the most basic way. The story begins with a guy who just graduated from school and has no job and no income. You will apply with him to different companies. Applying for this job will not be easy! Because each company has different conditions, you may not have been accepted at first because you have not met certain requirements or there are many better people than you have applied for. But do not be discouraged, we have many other opportunities. Continue applying until you are accepted. Create as many opportunities for yourself as possible.

Start the journey of advancement

After being accepted into the company, your position is naturally the lowest. You are just a trainee because you don’t have much experience. However, this is the best time for you to prove yourself capable. Work hard, don’t stop. This is the position that, if neglected, is most likely to be fired. Above you will have positions such as official staff of the technical department, manager, marketing, department manager, department manager, deputy, and general manager,… The highest and most prestigious position especially the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. The path to advancement will progress gradually, with absolutely no leaps and bounds. High positions are only worthy of really capable people. At first, an intern will not have a great influence on the company as the more important the position, the more powerful your voice. Not only that, the salary you receive every hour increases extremely quickly. Just think if you were the president, what would your income be? It will be a huge part of the profits created by the way you manage your employees.

Efforts to improve skills

In order to progress we have to trade a lot of things. The first thing an employee must have is health. Without it you can’t do anything. Next are the skills from professional skills required by the job to soft skills. Do not underestimate soft skills, it is very important and has a significant impact on the work you are doing. Such as teamwork skills, communication skills,… How to upgrade them? Of course, spend gold money to invest. Train yourself, gain as much experience as possible. In each position, the requirements for experience, health, and skills are even higher. As long as you slow down a bit, don’t complete the job on time, it’s likely to be fired. Don’t get fired! also, create for players a few small challenges intertwining. If you complete it, you will unlock skills faster or receive a bigger reward.

Fancy graphics

Graphics of Don’t get fired! is considered to have a rather funny view of the space where we work. The characters are sketched in small shapes, so are all the objects. The game colors combine light and dark but are mainly creative colors that are pleasing to the eye. Employees are not constrained to have black hair, but it is possible to have an eye-catching color. In terms of costumes, of course, suits are suitable for the office environment.

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