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Dragon City 2 MOD APK v0.11.2 (Unlimited Gold, Diamonds, Food)

Dragon City 2 MOD APK v0.11.2 (Unlimited Gold, Diamonds, Food)

Updated: 09-03-2022 (2 years ago)
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Dragon City 2
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Unlimited Gold, Diamonds, Food
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*never decrease when you spent

If you are looking for a simulation game that combines pet farming, then try to experience Dragon City 2 MOD APK. This is the most popular name in recent times, especially during the lockdown because the epidemic is still long and everyone has a lot of free time.

About Dragon City 2 MOD APK

Following the success of the first version of Dragon City 2, the publisher Social Point has released a next version called Dragon City 2. Coming to this game, players continue to get lost in the dragon island and enjoy the experience of becoming a real dragon trainer.

Build dragon islands

If you have played the previous version, coming to Dragon City 2, you will quickly get used to it. The work in Dragon City 2 has not changed too much compared to its predecessor. You will still be doing things like building shelters and raising dragons. Dragon City 2 opens up an open world that allows players to do a lot of interesting activities. Each island is designed as a miniature city, containing different life and miracles, where you can build many beautiful and interesting buildings.

Before building dream buildings, you must first “clean up” the island before. Because these islands are mostly uninhabited, they are very wild. To build, you have to destroy trees and large rocks to expand the area. Then you are free to decorate the island to become more beautiful and create the best living environment for the dragons.

After you complete the mission and successfully build an island, you will unlock more new islands. You then continue to expand, build and raise dragons on those islands. There is never a boring time on Dragon City 2, even if you have been playing for a long time, it is still very interesting.
The job of a dragon trainer
In Dragon City 2, the number of dragons is much more than the previous version, up to more than 100 different types of dragons. They are divided into many types such as Arid Dragon, Venom Dragon, Banana Dragon, Cherimoya Dragon, etc. And the dragons in Dragon City 2 are also divided according to different elements such as fire, earth, water, thunder…

You will have to rely on dragons and their elements to build the most suitable habitat for dragons, as well as take advantage of these advantages in battles (like pokemon battles). A suitable environment will help the dragon’s development process faster, easier to create eggs and more successful hatching percentage.

Create many rare dragon species

One of my favorite features in Dragon City 2 is the ability to breed dragons. You just need to choose 2 types of dragons that you want to breed, then press the button and wait for the dragon eggs to appear. Dragons born after this crossbreeding process will carry the characteristics of their parents. For example, if you cross between a fire dragon and a thunder dragon, the baby dragon will possess both fire and thunder characteristics. So from dragons possessing purebred elements, you will create hundreds of new dragons with unique hybrid properties.

Dragons will be classified according to their rarity, and depending on the rarity they also have different health and strength. Only dragons of level 4 or higher can be bred, and hybrid dragons are often more powerful than their parents. Moreover, if you are lucky, you can even breed a legendary dragon.

Join the fight

Your dragons after being raised, grown up and strong will be able to participate in combat. You will gather your most powerful dragons and start the battle. Hundreds of dramatic battles with various challenges and obstacles. You even have to face dragons from players around the world. Although there will be a lot of difficulties and high competition, the rewards behind the victory are very attractive (including warrior chests or new rare dragons), worth the fight…

To win in these games, you must pay the most attention to the tactical element. Contributing to your victory is not only strong dragons, but you also have to know how to combine the advantages of dragons in the team to help dragons develop their best abilities. Combining dragons with complementary attributes will help the team’s fighting power increase much higher.

Nice graphics

Although the graphics in Dragon City 2 are only 2D graphics, they are very attractive to players. Context and character design, especially the dragons are very detailed. The combat and movement effects in Dragon City 2 are also appreciated.

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