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Driving School Simulator MOD APK v11.9 (Unlimited Money)

Driving School Simulator MOD APK v11.9 (Unlimited Money)

Updated: 30-06-2024 (3 weeks ago)
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Driving School Simulator
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Unlimited Money
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MODDER.ME returns to you with one of the most popular speed racing games today – Driving School Simulator Mod APK. This amazing game is sure to give you a thrilling racing experience on many challenging tracks.

About Driving School Simulator

Racing is a sport that never goes out of style. It gives a sense of thrill, maximum stimulation for players. What could be better than driving your favorite car, soaring on the track, ignoring your opponents, and enjoying the feeling of a winner? Coming to Driving School Sim, you not only enjoy this feeling but also learn more driving skills to become a good driver.


Before you can become a good racer and conquer the toughest roads, you need to learn how to hold the wheel firmly. In the beginning, Driving School Sim will help you learn how to control a car properly and safely. Enjoy the open roads, become familiar with the tools and functions of a luxury car will be a new experience for you.

During this time, Driving School Sim will provide hundreds of different missions for you to improve your driving ability. Completing these missions will not only get you a driver’s license but also many rewards (usually money). Use the money you earn to buy a car or upgrade for your favorite “driver”.

If you have mastered the driving skills, it’s time to enjoy the feeling of challenge and victory on the racetrack. Join with friends or you can organize exciting races with thousands of other online players around the world.

Supercar monumental

As a racing game without a variety of vehicles, it must be very boring. With what Driving School Sim brings, owning a world-leading supercar is the dream of any player. In this game, you will find a new generation of supercars such as SUVs, Sedans, Hatchback,… However, ordinary cars are not so forgotten. To increase the user experience, buses and trucks are also simulated and used in the Driving School Sim.


You can play Driving School Sim in many different ways you want. You can use the joystick buttons to control the car in the usual way. Or play more intuitively with a setting that allows you to use your phone as a steering wheel, simply tilt left or right to control the car.

Many attractive racing tracks

Undeniably, the context and the track have a huge impact on the user experience. You will be driving through busy, romantic, or more challenging cities with roads crossing deserts and rocky mountains. Each location has different signs and rules. So you both get to experience driving while accumulating a lot of experience.

Great 3D graphics

I was really impressed by the extremely detailed interior design that this game brings. Driving School Sim can be said to simulate almost 100% real-life cars. Thanks to the top-notch graphic design, the game has raised the practical experience of users by up to 70%. A big plus point that cannot be ignored is the flexible sound and dynamic effects.

Download Driving School Simulator Mod APK for Android

I personally find Driving School Sim the most amazing and authentic racing simulation game I have ever experienced. If you are interested in Driving School Sim, download this game right away from the link we provide below!

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