Elden Shell: Mortal Ring MOD APK v0.9.5 (God Mode, One Hit)

Update on November 25, 2022 (1 year ago)

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Elden Shell: Mortal Ring


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God Mode, One Hit

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Elden Shell: Mortal Ring MOD APK is a game about a legendary king who goes back to the past in a medieval setting to find his life-and-death ring. This is a horror game genre and the warning is not suitable for children under 12 years old, so players need to be careful. Elden Shell: Mortal Ring is one of the mobile game titles with medieval character creation and context, each game screen has elements of surprise and horror. The game offers an interesting experience for players who want to discover new feelings and love horror.


Players will transform into a king going back to the Middle Ages to destroy enemies to find his life and death ring. By skillfully combining items with the ability to appropriately use items at the right time, players will easily overcome challenges in their journey to find the power and power of the ring of life and death. me.


Your mysterious story is engraved on ghosts that have passed through the centuries. To uncover your past, you need to win, restore the greatness you had to become a king again. At each level, you need to fight past enemies to discover your story. These are also seen as hints through each level.


The necessary objects and weapons to help you fight, pass each game screen more easily in the journey to find the ring of life and death. Items such as warriors, tanks, mage, armor, or magic, you can combine the above items to create impressive levels and win, getting closer to the journey to find the birth ring. death. Each level you defeat, the more tar you collect from enemies, the more choices you have for items to increase your character’s strength.


Through each level, the difficulty will increase, so you need to collect as much tar from the enemy to upgrade the strength in your game character creation to pass the next level. easier, get closer in your quest for the ring of life and death to become king again.

Elden Shell: Mortal Ring MOD APK will give players:

  • The feeling of excitement, the desire to conquer difficult challenges.
  • Explore and experience unexpected challenges, from the simplest to the most difficult.
  • Freely shape your character and create your own style of play by combining in-game items.

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