Elly and the Ruby Atlas MOD APK v3.15 (Unlimited Money)

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Elly and the Ruby Atlas


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Unlimited Money

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Go on a sea journey and become a talented adventurer in Elly and the Ruby Atlas. Download the MOD APK version of this game now by following the link we provide below.

Elly and the Ruby Atlas MOD APK

Elly and the Ruby Atlas mod apk

From the publisher ASSIST Software, Elly and the Ruby Atlas is a game where you can transform into a beautiful but equally powerful, brave female captain. The adventures on the distant ocean are full of troubles and dangers. Elly chases after the villainous pirate with the sole goal of bringing him to justice and recovering the precious family heirloom. Brave, sharp-minded, and determined, are you ready to help Elly fight and bring justice back to town?


Elly and the Ruby Atlas mod apk

When looking at the epic trailer of Elly and the Ruby Atlas, I thought I would experience a 3D game with smooth, epic graphics. However, in practical experience, Elly and the Ruby Atlas is like a side-scrolling game, but the graphics have been improved slightly.

Although it was a bit disappointing at the beginning of the experience, its gameplay somewhat saved my mood. Coming to Elly and the Ruby Atlas, you will join Elly on a large boat, stopping in any town or island discovered. During this trip, Elly will face a lot of aggressive bandits. They are large, have an advantage in health, and are equipped with swords and guns. You will help Elly fight to defeat them, and help her track down the family heirloom that has been lost.


As a side-scrolling game, your character can only move to the left and right. Use the joystick button on the top right of the screen to let the character use the attack technique (Eg, attack on the body, head, and feet). In the guide that Elly and the Ruby Atlas covered, there are two basic moves that you should use when fighting. These are the Thrust Attack and Slash Attack. Hold and release to perform Thrust Attack, while with Slash Attack, you have to quickly press the virtual keys on the controller.

Explore new lands

The map of Elly and the Ruby Atlas is very detailed. It describes the lands, islands you can visit, even the number of days traveled to that area. Your boat also has sailors. Each time you make a move you will pay your sailor a salary. Depending on the long or short trip, he will buy the food and tools needed for the journey. You can collect gold coins on the trips or get from the spoils after fighting with pirates.

Finding and matching lost map pieces will help expand the map and you can go further. However, be careful. Because the further away from the center, the pirates will be more blissful and unpredictable.

Ship and equipment

Elly and the Ruby Atlas mod updage

A good ship will make your trip even more smooth. Check it regularly as the train parts are susceptible to damage after long journeys or bad weather conditions.

Elly and the Ruby Atlas also give your protagonist a variety of unique equipment. It includes clothing, helmets, and firearms. You can get them by crafting or buying in store.

Install Elly and the Ruby Atlas MOD APK + OBB

To install Elly and the Ruby Atlas MOD, you need to do some of the steps below.

  1. Delete the original version.
  2. Download the Elly and the Ruby Atlas MOD APK + OBB file below the article.
  3. Unzip the OBB file and move it to the Android/OBB folder.
  4. Proceed to install the APK.
  5. Open and experience.

Download Elly and the Ruby Atlas MOD APK for Android

Although not appreciated for graphics, Elly and the Ruby Atlas MOD APK has a very interesting, addictive gameplay. The game content is built in great detail, in addition, it also opens up to players many new aspects of the lives of sailors and pirates.

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