Terraria MOD APK v1. (Unlimited Items/Immortality, High Dmg) Download

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App Name Terraria
MOD Features Unlimited Items/Immortality, High Dmg
Latest Version
Size 144M
Update June 2, 2022 (1 month ago)

Terraria MOD APK is a game that takes you to moments of exploring the wonderful world, fighting monsters and creating memorable moments with your friends.

Download (144M)
MOD Description

MOD v1:

  • Unlimited Items/Immortality

MOD v2:

  • God Mode
  • High Dmg
  • Open inventory & select item to get max stack
  • You can split single items

Terraria MOD APK is a popular game that was previously only available on PC. But with its appeal, publisher 505 Games Srl decided to launch a mobile version. Since its launch, it has attracted a large number of people in the Adventure game-loving community to participate. Although the version on the Google Play Store costs money to download, it still attracts hundreds of thousands of people. If you also want to join this super game without any fees and collect more rewards, then use our MOD version.



What makes Terraria so attractive to so many players is its completely different style compared to other games of the same genre. Digging, exploring and fighting are the most basic activities available to every player involved in this game. Through performing these quests, the player will gradually discover all the wonderful aspects of that mystical world. If you are a first time player, you will be guided through the main activities in the game. Always start from the simplest job that is to cut down a tree and build a shelter. Then comes the step of finding other resources to survive, finding weapons or crafting weapons to fight against the monsters that are the danger that lurks for you.


There is absolutely no limit to every player participating in Terraria Mod APK. You can become whoever you want to be. Shop for equipment and clothes to express your own style. Such as becoming a knight, a mage or a resource explorer. Everything in this game can be destroyed with certain tools in order for you to gather the necessary resources. If you need wood or cut a tree, you need iron destroy blocks to find ore mines.



In addition to the usual survival and character building activities, Terraria also includes group activities. Multiplayer mode allows you to team up up to 7 players to participate in missions. Explore mysterious lands together to collect items. See who can find the precious treasure the fastest. Or cooperate with monsters to get rare rewards. There are lots of fun group activities for you to play and chat with your friends at the same time. Create meaningful moments in Terraria.


The vast world that Terraria MOD APK of course is not easy for you to survive. In addition to earning common items to maintain life, do you wonder why you always need to keep the gas breast by your side? Because of the monsters, zombies in the game can attack you at any time. Especially when night falls. Switching between day and night for a short period of time so that players can rotate and choose activities that suit their own needs.



Terraria has different levels of play for players to challenge themselves. Softcore mode, if the player dies in this mode, the punishment will not be too heavy. That is to sacrifice 1/3 of the items you have in your inventory to be revived again. It is also very simple compared to Mediumcore, once you die, you will lose all items and gold in your inventory. The heaviest punishment is hardcore, the player is banished from the world.


Terraria’s graphics are similar to 1980’s games. Every image, detail or character in this game is made of particles. The harmonious color combination alternating between light and dark creates a sense of excitement for players. Thanks to the simulation of the world with such unique graphics, Terraria has attracted many players. The publisher always ensures the smooth moving speed of the frames.



  • Terraria opens up to players a new entertainment space, where you can both build the life you dream of or explore all over the mysterious lands.
  • Various world sizes are used due to the extremely impressive granular graphics.
  • Be whoever you want to be, and fight with your friends against over 400 different types of monsters in the game.
  • Craft the necessary items yourself, build the unique architectures you’ve always wanted.
  • There are more than 20 NPCs for players to explore, each NPC brings a completely different experience.
  • Combat weapons range from tangible things like hammers, swords, bows, etc. to invisible things like magic.
5/5 (1 vote)

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