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Fantasy Tales MOD APK v1.115 (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds)

Fantasy Tales MOD APK v1.115 (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds)

Updated: 07-08-2022 (2 years ago)
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Fantasy Tales
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Unlimited Gold/Diamonds
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Fantasy Tales MOD APK is the most visited idle role-playing fighting game today. If you are interested in this game, try downloading the MOD APK version that we provide to experience this game with more free features.

About Fantasy Tales MOD APK

Role-playing games require players to focus on solving the most difficult tasks. But recently, role-playing games combined with idleness have become very hot and popular with many people. With that in mind, the developer Captains has released a game of that genre called Fantasy Tales. Thanks to the appropriate trend capture, Fantasy Tales has received a lot of attention from the gaming community and quickly reached the milestone of 10,000 downloads in just a few days.

Lots of interesting content

Fantasy Tales opens a fantasy world where many races such as humans, elves, and demons live together. Participating in Fantasy Tales, you will be able to go on fascinating adventures, meet interesting friends and explore scary dungeons.

Get started with the Early Access mode for newcomers to Fantasy Tales. In this mode, there are a total of more than 50 hours of gameplay with many interesting features. Initially, you will be able to choose the character you will play, then perform the tasks that the game assigns. In this mode, you will have the opportunity to join the town of Fantasy Tales, build your own house, chat and make friends with other players. This mode also has an organization system such as guilds, squads, etc. In addition to the daily tasks that the game assigns, you can receive additional tasks from that guild.

Rich character system & upgrade

Fantasy Tales MOD APK Download

As mentioned above, the first job you have to do to join the adventures of Fantasy Tales is to choose a role-playing character. There are three character classes you can choose from including Assassin, Brute and Medic. Each character class will have a different appearance and combat characteristics. For example, Brute has good melee ability, Assassin can stealth and heal are Medic’s skills. Each class also has different armor and weapons, but usually, you can wear one armor for any character class. So, apart from the available skills, there is not too much difference when playing between these character classes.

During your adventure, you will have the opportunity to meet many new characters. In this fantasy world, there are 6 different races and you can meet up to 80 characters during your journey. These 6 races include humans, demons, elves, angels, dragons, and hybrids. They are also divided into three fighting genres including Tanker, Dealer and Healer. You can gather them into teams and participate in dungeon battles. The choice of races and fighting genres will also greatly affect your fighting power. So please consider before arranging the squad.

You can also help your team become stronger by upgrading your character, using the regeneration system. In addition, Fantasy Tales has also expanded and added many new recipes to the crafting system. Thanks to that, you can craft more high-level items.

Dark, dangerous dungeons

Fantasy Tales MOD APK

Exploring dungeons is one of the iconic activities of Fantasy Tales. Here you will not only explore dark dungeons like a maze, but you will also have to confront monsters with enormous power. Every step will be an endless surprise because you will never know what is waiting for you behind the next door. However, the reward at the end of each dungeon will be extremely valuable compared to what you have to spend for this trip.

The attractive top school system

Once you’ve spent almost 50 hours playing in Early Access mode, have a certain amount of experience and a strong team, it’s time to make your name in the toughest arena on the Fantasy Tales continent. In this arena mode, you will directly compete with other players around the world. More tactical, attractive, thrilling and much more brainy. In addition, you will meet and chat with other players and will also learn more experiences from other players. The rewards for reaching certain achievements in the arena are equally attractive. Are you ready to join the fight to become the ultimate winner in the Fantasy Tales arena?


I appreciate the graphics of Fantasy Tales thanks to the detailed, sharp images. Good background and character design, full of fanciful colors. The sound effects and combat effects are also great.

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