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Game Booster Pro APK

If you are facing problems like game lag often leading to you losing, low frame rate, then Game Booster Pro APK is the best solution for you. This application gathers features to help users get the best gaming experience. For a gamer, frame rate is very important. Game Booster Pro can help you keep it at its best. The APK version we provide is suitable for all types of Android mobile devices. What’s more, you can unlock all the features without paying any extra fees like the version on the Google Play Store. This app is getting positive reviews from users.

Increase game performance

No complicated operations, just a single tap and Game Booster Pro does everything automatically for you. By cleaning RAM, remove residual junk files in the machine. Since then, the device’s capacity is freed and the speed is significantly improved. Not stopping there, when you allow it, this application can prevent unnecessary downloads or automatic updates. Updates in the background make it difficult for users to anticipate. It both consumes mobile data and slows down the phone. Turn off applications that are still running in the background to focus on the game, keeping the speed steady.

Support game interface adjustment

Game Booster Pro integrates additional features for users to adjust the graphics or aim of each game. Not all games include this setting, so many users love Game Booster’s tool. HD graphics configuration, color changes also greatly affect the frame rate. If you set it to be more suitable for the device, it can make the speed faster. Not used there again, changing the shape and color of the aiming point is also easy to do.

Advanced Anti-Ping Mode

High ping causes all your movements to be delayed. Meaning you can still play but the motion is slow and results in the bullets you fire not being as fast as the opponent. To solve this problem, Game Booster Pro APK has launched the Anti-Ping feature. You can always grasp the speed of Ping and decide whether you should drastically change wifi, turn on mobile data or not. With a system of 17 different dns servers, the application will ensure you have the lowest latency connection to the server.

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