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Become the lord of a territory, manually create nature and life for humanity in Godus MOD APK. This is an Android mobile simulation game for ages 7 and up. Players can decide for themselves how a world behaves. Holding such great power, what can you build?

About Godus MOD APK


A long time ago, people always told each other stories about how God created people, creatures and things on earth. Starting from the story of eating the forbidden fruit of Adam and Eve, from there, humanity was gradually formed. Each of us has a unique purpose in existence. So do you want to experience becoming a God, drawing the world with one hand? This sounds a bit ridiculous and ridiculous, but you can absolutely do it when you join the ultimate simulation game called Godus. This is a game of the publisher 22cans, since its launch to date it has attracted hundreds of thousands of downloads on the Google Play Store. Most players leave positive comments, they love the new gameplay that Godus brings. Taking control of something in our hands always gives us entertainment and comfort, right? The rating of 4.4/5 stars is definitely the clearest proof to convince you to join this game. Don’t wait any longer, download it quickly.

Attractive gameplay


If you are a person who loves construction and creativity, it is definitely impossible to ignore Godus! This game allows the player to explore the desolate lands of the globe, expand the territory and, as I said from the beginning, build a civilization for mankind from the beginning. The opening of the game is quite interesting, the player meets two characters, Adam and Eve, saving them from the sea to the land. These two will be your first citizens. They know how to excavate the land, build houses to produce a new generation of citizens for you. Single-handedly nurtured civilization, driving it forward from the dawn of primeval times and progressing through the ages of mankind as in history.

Unlimited creativity

Godus absolutely does not set a standard for players in the process they create the world. Simply let your imagination and creativity run wild. Players can control to change the land terrain, fill the sea, dig rivers, sculpt every inch of the landscape. So how to make the land you build unique. You are God, no one will complain or tell you what to do. In addition, players can build houses for people of many different shapes, in many different locations such as the coast, on the terraces, the edge of the forest, …

Lead the people to follow you


In Godus, humans are born and are called Followers. The meaning of that name is that they always follow your instructions, you can assign tasks to groups of people to develop the world. Countless activities such as mining, farming, harvesting food, building new buildings, … for you to arrange for your people. This game also allows you to combine small houses to upgrade into larger, more modern houses, people are also born more quickly.

Do other interesting work

Not only does it increase production, but there are also many other ways to interact with your people. As God, Godus provides you with special features such as planting more trees, creating rainbow rain,… the effect is to increase the joy of the people. But God also sometimes gives punishment to people, right? Create floods, fall meteors burn people’s houses, … but don’t overdo it or your people will leave it all. That’s how the world in Godus works.

Build timelines and increase the power of God


Godus provides a time card that represents God’s power, each card represents a different power. For example, improve your magic, own more land, expand your land encroaching on the sea,… The problem is how do you upgrade those powers? It is based on the beliefs of the people. The more trusted you are, the more powerful you become. Public trust is a very important thing in Godus, so you always have to be careful in every decision you make!

The challenge is still waiting

If your world exists alone, it will quickly become boring. So Godus created a parallel world. You have to compete on the size of the beliefs of the people of the world you create and the afterlife. If you are shorter, people will move to that side, so you should be smart in the construction process. When reaching the advanced level, there are also giants that are not under God’s control, they destroy everything. Prepare a plan to deal with it.

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