Grow Castle
Grow Castle

Grow Castle Mod APK v1.37.13 (Unlimited Money, God, Anti Banned)

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App Name Grow Castle
Mod Features Unlimited Money, God, Anti Banned
Version 1.37.13
Size 48M
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About Grow Castle MOD APK

Great inner city war with the game Grow Castle MOD APK (Unlimited Money). You will play the role of a leader to manage your army to protect the citadel from the enemy invading the citadel of your army. The game Grow Castle MOD APK gives many players a fierce and challenging civil war, will you become a talented leader with your army to successfully defend your inner city?

Grow Castle – Tower Defense

Exploding fierce combat

Entering the first level, everything will be easier when you start the battle. Your task is to arrange army forces in a reasonable way to protect the main tower safely. Use all the weapons you and your army have in this level to destroy the enemy quickly to continue to the next level. After each stage defeating the enemy, you will receive a bonus to help you upgrade the strength of your army.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense

Fight with monsters

In addition to the battle against the enemy invading the tower, the higher levels are the challenge of fighting monsters. Giant monsters are gradually getting closer to the tower and you should join your army to destroy, and shoot down monsters to protect the safety of the tower with more powerful weapons. You will earn a lot of bonuses from fighting monsters to give you more options when upgrading weapons.

Weapon power increase

Constantly upgrade weapons with many different weapons such as cannons, swords, bombs, guns… Depending on the function of each type you use flexibility to destroy enemy forces and monsters quickly and easily, helping to save the lives of your entire army.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense

Limited number of lives

The battle is extremely fierce with higher levels, preserving as much life as possible for you and your army. If unlucky you or your army is attacked by the enemy, then the strength will be lost and eventually will be destroyed by the enemy. Therefore, when participating in combat, you need to observe the remaining strength of the army when attacked in order to promptly use weapons at the right time.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense

Game graphics and effects

Grow Castle is not too focused on investing in graphics, the context in the game is quite simple and the character creation in the game does not have many unique features. On the contrary, the sound effects are extremely invested with explosion effects, and extremely catchy battle sounds that bring a high fighting spirit to all players.

Grow Castle MOD APK version

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money: Coins and Crystals increases when spent!
Download (48M)
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