Galaxiga Mod APK v22.80 (Damage multiplier | God Mode)

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App Name Galaxiga
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Version 22.80
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Galaxiga MOD APK – An action plane control game with a classic landscape that will make your boring days more interesting. Download the MOD APK version of this game we provide below to have unlimited coins and gems, which will help you to fill up your airplane collection in just a moment.

About Galaxiga MOD APK

Galaxiga MOD APK

Surely those who love control action games will not be able to ignore the legendary fly-shooting or chicken-shooting games. If you want to try your hand at an airplane shooting game that blends both modern and classic, Galaxiga is definitely a great choice. The gameplay is simple but extremely addictive, the diverse collection of aircraft will make you satisfied.

Conquer the vast universe

The control system of Galaxiga is still in the traditional way, so it is very simple. Players only need to use their fingers to move the plane back and forth on the screen. Enemies will appear on the opposite side. The only task of the player is to move to kill all the enemies in front. Enemies will appear randomly, lined up in multiple rows in an unspecified order. This forces players to think flexibly and choose which side to attack first to have the most advantage.

Initially, you will only need to face the enemy’s small spacecraft. The strongest boss will always appear last. Try to stay strong until you meet the boss. And of course, the final boss will be stronger, making you struggle to survive.

Upgrade your spaceship

The higher the level, the higher the difficulty will be. Enemy spaceships appear suddenly, firing continuously, causing you to strain your brain to respond. It only takes a little while to eat the enemy’s bullets and you will die immediately. So leveling up your spaceship is extremely important. Galaxiga allows you to upgrade your spaceship in battle. When you shoot at the enemy, there will be a chance to appear 3 types of upgrades for you to pick up: increasing the level of the spaceship, increasing the level of bullets, and dropping missiles. However, the downside is that their use time is not long. So when you successfully increase the power of the spaceship, you must quickly destroy the enemies.

In addition to that, you can upgrade the boat using gold coins picked up in the game. In addition, exploring new spaceships is also very interesting with diverse aircraft models and different skills. Galaxiga’s ships are classified into the lowest grades C, B, A, S, and even higher grades.

Download (152M)
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