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Update on February 16, 2023 (1 year ago)

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Anyone can become a cool hacker in Hacking Hero MOD APK. Idle entertainment game with simple super engaging gameplay will blow away your boredom in no time.

About Hacking Hero MOD APK

Everyone agrees that hackers are cool, right? I think so, too. And to become a hacker, you must have a lot of IT knowledge + a super-smart head, sometimes even need the support of a supercomputer. But with Hacking Hero, you can become a famous hacker without any experience.

Attractive gameplay

Hacking Hero is an arcade hacker simulation game where you can do everything you want with just one computer. The game opens up an open internet world for you to prove your talent and rise to become the world’s number one hacker.

With just a few clicks you can crack valuable information, join a group of cyber hackers, fill in Trojans and much more. Try creating virus programs, find dangerous robots and hack them, look up important government information,…

Become a hero

Hackers are not always evil. You can become an online hero and save the world if you put your talents to good use. Using spyware to infiltrate and look up information and data of illegal companies and bring them to light. Be everyone’s hero.

Be careful with many things

Cyberspace is very large, so you are not the only hacker. Sometimes opponents will also hire other professional hackers to dig up your own information. So you need to manage your security system carefully. Stacking different layers of security, adding viruses and spyware is one of the best ways.


Your main character will have 4 different skills and these skills will gradually be unlocked after you level up. You can upgrade those 4 skills to increase damage and increase income from crypto (can be upgraded to 20x/second). In addition, you can also form a group of different hackers. Hacking Hero allows you to add 20 people to your team. Each person will have different characteristics and skills to serve you to spy, get information and attack opponents on the internet.

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