Do Not Disturb 2: Funny Prank
Do Not Disturb 2: Funny Prank

Do Not Disturb 2: Funny Prank Mod APK v1.0.47 (Full Version Unlocked)

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App Name Do Not Disturb 2: Funny Prank
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Version 1.0.47
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Are you a lover of the animated movie “Do not disturb” because of the fun and interesting pranks in the movie? Have you ever wished that you would challenge people to prank others to show off your top prank skills? Let Do Not Disturb 2: Funny Prank MOD APK bring you to the world of super fun and super fun pranks you’ve ever wanted to try.


Do Not Disturb 2: Funny Prank

Is a game genre about a collection of pranks for players who want to challenge their ability to create pranks, bring joy after each prank and tease the emotions of the person being pranked. The game is about Mr. McGrump, a character famous for not showing joy and always wearing a grumpy face, even when he always keeps that expression in the happiest of situations. Please plan the game and send it to his mailbox to help Mr. McGrump become a happy person and express a lot of emotions. This is definitely a must-have game for players who want to test their opponent’s emotions before a series of unexpected but equally interesting pranks. The game is suitable for all ages, show yourself the ultimate prankster!


Do Not Disturb 2: Funny Prank

For players trying to get used to the prank for the first time, don’t be too worried because you are exposed to a prank for the first time, you can try the feature included in Do Not Disturb 2: Funny Prank MOD APK by pressing Enter “Do Not Disturb” in the game to play with the cute mascots to start getting used to the prank. Once you’ve gotten used to the gameplay, return to the main page and get set up, embarking on a prank journey!


Adapted from the original animated movie “Do Not Disturb”, in this game, players will experience the feeling of being in the world of the movie “Do Not Disturb”. Creating fun characters, the colors of cute game characters will be a great attraction for players, especially for children participating in this game.


Do Not Disturb 2: Funny Prank

In this game, your task is to perform pranks on Mr. McGrump making him the person who feels happy and shows different emotions when you do the prank. Mr. McGrump’s humorous, varied responses to your pranks will be bonus points for the next prank.


After each prank with Mr. McGrump collect as many stamps as possible and build a perfect plan for the next pranks. You can also collect more stamps to increase your stamp collection by participating in the minigame, through which you can collect more valuable gifts in this game. Having a large number of stamps in your possession will make it easier for you to access the pranks you plan to prank Mr. McGrump.


Do Not Disturb 2: Funny Prank

The huge attraction of the game besides creating cute and fun characters is the upgrade and innovation of animations. The diverse movements combined with the humor from Mr. McGrump’s expression will bring great entertainment when you experience playing this game. From the improved animation effects, your interaction with the characters becomes more realistic, stimulating your entertainment pleasure as you explore all the games in this game.


The game will help you relieve stress, immerse yourself in the game, and become happier and more comfortable. Pranks are fun and funny but still have an element of surprise when you plan to create a prank. Add the element of surprise to your prank to collect various interesting expressions from Mr. McGrump for multiple rewards after each win.

Do Not Disturb 2: Funny Prank

You can play the game with other players, accompanying you to come up with more creative, fun pranks. The game has no age limit so you can also use this game as a link to connect friends and relatives to have precious moments together, also join in the fun of pranks.

Dive into Do Not Disturb 2: Funny Prank MOD APK, you will have:

  • Tears of laughter at Mr. McGrump’s expression.
  • The ability to create your own unique prank.
  • A chance to discover surprises in a funny minigame.
  • Have fun with the players around you.
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