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Home Workout MOD APK v19.26 (Premium Unlocked)

Home Workout MOD APK v19.26 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated: 29-12-2022 (2 years ago)
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If you are a fitness enthusiast but do not have too much time, or not enough economic to go to the gym, Home Workout MOD APK is the app for you. Join us to learn this application in the article below!

About Home Workout – No Equipment MOD APK

Home Workout – No Equipment helps users create a daily workout routine. The application helps you to have the standard “expert” exercise schedule. With proper muscle group rotation every day, one week of your practice will be truly effective. With just a few minutes a day, you can build muscle and stay fit without going to the gym. No coach, no training equipment, it’s all on you.

Diverse and professional exercises

The application has a complete range of exercises in all muscle groups. From abdominal muscles, chest, legs, front arms, hind arms, buttocks,… to full-body exercises are integrated. And of course, all the exercises are tested by experts for the effectiveness as well as the accuracy of the movements, so you can be sure of the quality. Even if it only takes a few minutes a day, you can already build toned 6-pack abs.

Before every training session, the warm-up is extremely important to avoid injury. Basic warm-up movements such as wrist rotation, ankles, knee joints, stretching,… are all quite simple. But if you are new, the app will help you practice correctly through the pre-recorded video.

Convenient and free

Instead of going to the gym every day, spending huge sums of money hiring a personal trainer, now you just need to stay home and turn on your phone. No more traveling, no more waiting for the machine to help you save a lot of time for practice.

Highlights available on Home Workout

In addition to possessing a variety of exercises and detailed instructions, this application also has a lot of features to support your workouts.

1. Automatically record training progress

Every day, when you open the exercise, the app immediately records the progress. Every weekend, at the end of the month you can review your training progress. From there, learn from the experience for the next week, next month to practice more effectively.

2. Weight tracking chart

Dựa vào quá trình cập nhật thể trạng của bạn, ứng dụng sẽ xuất ra một biểu đồ phân tích thể trạng. Từ đó bạn có thể nắm bắt được xu hướng cân nặng của mình dễ dàng.

3. Training reminder

With the training reminder feature, you no longer have to worry about “forgetting” your daily workout schedule. You can customize the time and content of the reminder accordingly. Or, if you are confident without prompting, you can also turn this function off.

4. Detailed instruction video

For beginners, it is impossible to practice standard movements. To improve that, the application has added videos and pictures in each exercise. You just need to study them carefully and follow them.

5. Share with friends

The application also integrates sharing features with friends on social networks. You can completely share your workout on your personal page and with friends, you can form a group to practice together every day at home.

Download Home Workout MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android

With all of those great features, Home Workout certainly won’t let you down by taking a place on your phone. Feel free to experience it and let us know your opinion about this app in the comments.

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