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Period Tracker
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App Name Period Tracker
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Update December 11, 2021 (7 months ago)
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Surely for every woman, it is indispensable for convenient applications like Period Tracker MOD APK. The latest version of this application is available on our site, you can download and use its useful features completely free of charge.

About Period Tracker MOD APK

Period Tracker is one of the best menstrual cycle tracking applications for women today. Developed and released by Simple Design Ltd to date, Period Tracker has become a popular application in 63 countries worldwide and received over 100 million downloads (Only on Google Play). Period Tracker is extremely useful not only to help you track your menstrual cycle, but also your ovulation cycle, and your chances of conceiving. This is a great app for those who have irregular periods or are trying to conceive. If you are still not very clear about this application, read through the article below to understand more about Period Tracker.

Track your menstrual cycle

Period Tracker is like a regular date calendar. But unlike calendar apps that just keep track of the date, Period Tracker allows users to record the time that their period is coming. After you customize your period, Period Tracker will make predictions about the time of the next menstrual period, the ovulation cycle. At first, the predictions of Period Tracker may be a little different from your next menstrual period, but the more information the application receives, the more Period Tracker will make forecasts. more exactly.

As I said above, the more information Period Tracker receives, the more accurate the forecast will be. You can consider Period Tracker as a personal diary and record all your information. From BMI, sexual activity, weight, temperature, cervical mucus, mood, or even vaginal symptoms.

Control and notify ovulation cycle

If you are trying to have a baby but have not had any luck getting pregnant, you can use Period Tracker to track your ovulation cycle. By doing so, you will know when you will have the best chance of conceiving. You can enter your body temperature each day as well as the number of intimate intercourse, ovulation test results in the latest days into Period Tracker. From there, the application will arrange the data and export it in the form of a chart to make it easier for users to follow. Not only can you use it to calculate your best chances of conceiving, but you can also use Period Tracker for birth control for better family planning.

Period Tracker will notify you of periods such as the beginning of your menstrual cycle, the beginning of ovulation, the forecasted day with the highest chance of conception. So even if you are busy, you do not need to worry that you will miss any information. In addition, you can also customize the notification text of Period Tracker, making them more discreet, without worrying about others peeking or discovering your private information.

Track your weight loss & health care

Science shows that the average person needs 2 liters of water a day, but you are too lazy to drink water or don’t feel thirsty at all. However, no matter what, you must drink enough water to keep your body healthy. Period Tracker has a reminder feature and you can use it as a message to each different time frame, reminding you to drink water on time, with the right amount of ml needed. In addition, regularly entering body metrics also helps you keep track of your weight. This is very useful for those who are pursuing weight loss or weight gain routes.

Multi-accounts and high security

In terms of security, Period Tracker is committed to the absolute privacy of users’ personal information. Users can use multiple accounts for monitoring and security when using Period Tracker. This multi-account feature also allows you to view and search your notes through your personal calendar timeline when you’re signed in to any of your accounts. When you use Period Tracker, the data will be backed up and you can restore data in 2 ways. One way is to restore through your Google account. And the second way is that you can backup and restore via phone or personal email.

Professional interface

I am quite satisfied with the interface of Period Tracker, simple but still extremely professional. The main color and red and white are both harmonious and equally eye-catching. The features are also simple allowing for easy user access.

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