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If you are bored of the usual fighting games, try to experience Ice Scream: Horror Brawl MOD APK? This is a survival game combined with horror elements, very suitable to play when you want to change your mood or in your spare days.

About Ice Scream: Horror Brawl MOD APK

Horror Brawl MOD APK

Horror Brawl is a game from the developer Keplerians Horror Games. Before that, this developer was also quite familiar with gamers who love horror games thanks to the Keplerian game series. Still a horror game, but Horror Brawl will be different from the games in the Keplerian series thanks to the survival factor and a few other interesting features. And if you want to know where it is different, let’s learn more about Horror Brawl in the article below.

Many horror elements

Horror Brawl is considered a work that publisher Keplerians Horror Games has invested more carefully in many aspects than previous game series. You can clearly see the difference in the experience it brings. Many exciting new details, and enhanced survival strategy. In addition, Horror Brawl also combines all the villains that have appeared in the Keplerian horror game series such as the demon nun in Evil Nun, the perverted butcher in Mr. Meat…

Choose a character and join the game

Horror Brawl MOD APK Download

Before starting your adventures in Horror Brawl, you will be able to choose a character to accompany you on your journey. personality. In addition, you will also meet familiar characters such as J, Rebecca, Charlie, Willia, or even the evil Madeline sister (of course you can also choose them to become your companion). Another thing is that the companion characters will not have any skills at all, they simply go with you. Anyway, it’s scary to go alone, it’s better to have someone with you.

Fight for survival

What I really like about Ice Scream: Horror Brawl is its online play functionality. It takes a few seconds from pressing the Play button on the screen for the game to connect me with other players around the globe. Pairing teams are random and each team will consist of 2 people. After creating a team, you will be placed in an ancient tower with 15 other players. The game has officially started. The only goal of your team is to try to destroy all other teams to become the last survivor.

Before you want to attack other opponents, you need to collect equipment first. Because many times your opponents are not only ordinary players but also the horror creatures that Ice Scream: Horror Brawl creates. So get your weapon as quickly as possible. On the way to find weapons, the best way is to try to move quickly and use all obstacles to hide and avoid other players. No one knows what will happen along the way.

Become a villain

Horror Brawl MOD APK for Android

The breakthrough of Horror Brawl is an extremely interesting transformation mechanism. Are you in a weak position and being squeezed by other competitors? As long as you collect all 4 Chaos Stones that appear randomly on the map, you will have the opportunity to turn into extremely powerful villains in a short time. These villains are very hard to beat in the normal way so during the transformation you should defeat all the other opponents quickly.

Simple interface, intuitive controls

Horror Brawl has a simple interface, making it easy for players to access. Controls in Horror Brawl are also relatively easy to understand. The game provides a virtual steering wheel for players to easily control the character to move; on the right is the key to help the character shoot, customize the attack direction.

A few tips to win

A good strategy will help you win faster than just running around uncontrollably. So before joining the match, discuss quickly with the people in your team. In encounters with opponents, you can alternately use weapons to gain an advantage. In addition, use support items such as medical bottles, first aid, etc. as quickly as possible to minimize injury time.

Great graphics

Ice Scream: Horror Brawl did a great job in his role. A survival game that combines horror perfectly. Graphics in Horror Brawl in a funny, lovely style. The context in the game is well designed with typical dark colors, highlighting the horror element. The image quality is displayed well, the vivid effects make the survival battles much more fierce. Sound is a big plus. Sometimes I’m more easily startled by creepy sounds than by villains.

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