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If you are a lover of the FPS shooter genre, then you certainly cannot miss the game Hyper Front APK. This is one of the most anticipated FPS mobile games in 2022 because of its similarity with the popular Valorant blockbuster.


Hyper Front is one of the super games in the NetEase Games Global release project in 2022. As a series of games in the FPS shooting genre, it is no longer strange to the vast majority of gamers in general. For those who do not know, FPS stands for First Person Shooter, which means first-person shooter. At that time, the player will put himself in the character’s perspective, on the screen will also show what the character can see such as surroundings, weapons, hands (sometimes visible legs),… Good examples of this genre are the legendary CSGO or Valorant games that are very popular with gamers in recent times.

Although there is no official information from the publisher, the fact that Hyper Front is inspired by Valorant is something that surely gamers who have experienced Riot’s shooting game can recognize. For that reason, although it has only recently launched a test version in a few countries, Hyper Front has been called the “Valorant mobile version” by the gaming community.


If we ignore the elements of borrowing ideas from other games, we can still fairly assess that Hyper Front is a mobile game with excellent graphics. Although only experienced the beta, but can realize the detail of the game from the images to the movements of each character are made very meticulously and honestly.

Another highlight is that the character movement in the game is quite smooth and has almost no lag. This is a big advantage for FPS shooters like Hyper Front when the element of reflection is very important. Just 0.5 seconds is enough for you to decide the outcome of a match. The sound in the game is also made quite carefully from gunfire, footsteps, or other actions, even the smallest is meticulously included by the developer.


Still the familiar fighting shooter gameplay, but Hyper Front will have many battlefields as well as modes for players to choose from. Besides the modes such as team battles or capture points, perhaps 5vs5 bombs are still the most attractive and popular mode. Above all, the map in the game is also designed to be very diverse, which will surely create tactically intense battles.

As a first-person shooter game, control and shooting mechanics will be extremely important. NetEase has done a great job at this point when giving shooters a very familiar and easy to get used to controlling and shooting mechanisms. At the same time, the developer also allows gamers to fine-tune a lot of parameters including aiming, rotation sensitivity, sensitivity when not using the viewfinder, or even sensitivity when using the viewfinder, etc. to provide maximum support for the player.

In addition, the game also operates based on the character class mechanism, also known as the Hero, identical to Valorant. Currently, Hyper Front has 9 Heroes, with 6 free, and 3 need to be purchased to unlock. Each Hero will possess a unique set of skills capable of deciding the victory and defeat of each team and the tactics of each team, as well as shaping the gameplay and fighting style of each gamer.

This is also a unique feature that Hyper Front borrows from Valorant when the skills of the characters in the game are 80-90% similar and only changed by “one man’s beard sticking to the other’s chin”. This will make gamers who have played through Valorant uncomfortable at first, but for those who are new, it has absolutely no effect.

Besides, Hyper Front’s arsenal is also very diverse and rich with more than 20 different weapons. From pistols, rifles, submachine guns or shotguns, etc., there are enough. This is quite important for shooting games like Hyper Front. When it contributes to diversifying the gameplay of gamers, as well as making them not bored when they just keep using guns like M4 or AK often found in other games. The gun skin mechanism is also added by the publisher to create a variety of colors and preferences for the player.


Although it has just been released in beta, Hyper Front has received a lot of positive reviews from gamers, but there are also mixed opinions because it is too similar to Valorant. Overall, this is a mobile game worth looking forward to in 2022. The game has not been officially released yet, but you can still download and experience the beta version here. In addition, you can also find and read other interesting articles about the game at MODDER.ME

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