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Idle Pirate Tycoon MOD APK v1.12.0 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Pirate Tycoon MOD APK v1.12.0 (Unlimited Money)

Updated: 17-02-2024 (5 months ago)
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Idle Pirate Tycoon
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Unlimited Money
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Do you love simulation gameplay? Come to Idle Pirate Tycoon MOD APK where will let you become a tycoon on the vast island. Inspired by pirate movies, developer Kolibri Games has released this super product and is loved by many players. When coming to the game you will experience transforming into a pirate, the captain of the notorious pirate gang. With the desire to get rich in the style of a villain. Competing for wealth and money of tourists on this sea. War them at sea with available firepower and weapons. Take all the treasures and valuables, then destroy their ship. In addition to pirates at sea, you can freely invade large and small islands, mark your sovereignty and build bases there. Carrying the action style of brutal pirates,

Idle Pirate Tycoon MOD APK – Become Pirate King

The gameplay is extremely simple, players can easily grasp through a few levels. First, when the player wants to become the pirate king, you need to have many disciples to follow. Do not worry about this, when entering the game you have become the leader of the pirate gang with many effective assistants. Build yourself a kingdom with a powerful pirate empire. Your task is to lead the gang, establish a massive, majestic base that makes the tourists come here to fear. It is necessary to create a powerful battle fleet that can attack the enemy as soon as they invade our cold land. Design and assemble invincible ships with great destructive power and resistance. Build storage areas for wealth, money, treasures, etc. Stolen from passing boats. Build docks, areas to exchange spoils robbed from other sea occupants.

Unlock new pirates

In the journey to become the pirate king, you will encounter many difficulties and challenges from the system. In addition to facing many other enemies, pirate gangs. You need to pay attention to the armies of ancient people appearing on the islands. Idle Pirate Tycoon mod has a diverse pirate system, each character will be shaped in a separate style and outfit.

Along with that, the strengths and skills of each person are also completely different. Depending on the star level and level, the pirate with a large number of stars, the power will be higher. Players need to do quests, collect character pieces to upgrade levels and star levels. Try to make your pirate collection more diverse and richer. Give players a sense of excitement when playing the game for hours. Own a lot of pirates, they will build with you to develop a powerful pirate empire. Increase resources and satisfy the desire for wealth.

Own powerful battleships

In addition to using money to own many strong pirates. Players need to buy themselves powerful ships that serve well for their adventures. With a large number of warships, you can freely choose to buy ships that are suitable for the purpose. The ships are designed differently in terms of color, size, features, etc. Available in all sizes from small, medium to large. Including a number of ships such as Ship Megalodon, Red Galleon, Titanic, etc. The more expensive the ship, the more powerful its fighting power and destructive power. Let’s strengthen looting a lot of gold, use that gold to buy many warships to help your pirate gang grow stronger day by day. Make the opponent when facing you be afraid. There are many large battleships, they will help you have rich adventures to bring you riches.

Uncompromising war

Adventure at sea, you are the captain, controlling the ship with pirates and sailors to follow. With the desire to become rich and develop a powerful pirate gang. Players need to learn how to survive, face difficulties and challenges at sea. In this journey there will be many arduous things, appearing many strong enemies that make you have a headache thinking about how to fight. defeat them. You and your disciples need to come up with reasonable tactics, build a strong army, fully equipped with items carefully for long trips. Just one incorrect decision will also cost you everything, starting the game is from the beginning. So you have to be very careful, handle the situation intelligently. Defeat all the opponents that block your way, take all their wealth and money. Idle Pirate Tycoon gives you the experience of driving a variety of extremely modern warships, becoming the dominant pirate king on the high seas. Face off against other pirate gangs. Players always have to keep a cool head, so you can practice in advance with the Last Pirate. If you burst into a frenzy, be aggressive, but handle the situation carelessly, neglecting to defend yourself. Then you may have to accept painful defeat at any time. Download Idle Pirate Tycoon Mod to conquer all lands, steal all the money and treasures of the enemy.

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