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Last Day on Earth MOD APK v1.25.0 (Menu, Free Craft, Unlocked All)

Last Day on Earth MOD APK v1.25.0 (Menu, Free Craft, Unlocked All)

Updated: 02-07-2024 (3 weeks ago)
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Last Day on Earth
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Menu, Free Craft, Unlocked All
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Last Day on Earth Mod APK (Mega Menu) is an apocalyptic-themed game where the player controls a character who survives in a world full of zombies and searches for important items. Last Day on Earth: Survival owns a large world where players can find many necessary items to use and try to survive against dangerous zombies. They can interact with the surrounding objects and have a base to rest. At the same time, each activity gives you some amount of experience and gives you access to new items.


Players will be transported to a post-apocalyptic world in Last Day on Earth: Survival, and their job is to survive as long as possible and fend off monsters that constantly appear. You will start with a character and do not have any necessary items attached. At the same time, around the character, there are many resources that he can collect and create items that he feels necessary. Indeed, the journey of survival will be full of challenges that players will try to overcome.

Players will observe the character from a top-down perspective, and this perspective allows you to observe more broadly and identify elements that you feel are necessary to interact. At the same time, during the game, you can also face dangerous zombies, and you will have weapons to destroy them. From there, you will find ways to get survivable items, grow and create many valuable items that can be crafted from the collected items.


When players experience Last Day on Earth: Survival, players will see the character without any items. So the job they need to do is move around and find the items they feel are suitable to equip the character. There will be a knife to help you attack dangerous zombies and some items you can collect without needing a specific tool. Then you should open the list of crafting items that the game provides.

In this crafting category, players will find drawings of different objects, and you will need to find an ax to chop down the trees around you. The environment in the game has a variety of natural resources, so you can explore and identify objects that you can interact with and collect to increase your experience. In addition, each item that you unlock will be based on the level you achieve, so do activities to level up a new level.

Collecting wood is all about the basics, as the tree cutter is unlocked first in the game, and you’ll be able to use the wood you have to rebuild your base. Specifically, you will find an abandoned base, and of course, you can destroy destroyed wooden walls. You will then be able to rebuild the base and add new items to it. Level progression will determine the objects you can reach and your transformation.


In Last Day on Earth: Survival, the player will control the character to do many activities, and from there, the experience bar at the bottom of the screen will constantly be filled. Leveling up is essential as it helps players gain new items and abilities. Specifically, you can get three cards with different effects, and you can only choose one. The effects of the cards are pretty diverse such as gaining recovery, increasing the health limit, and other valuable effects.

Besides unlocking impressive effects, players are also interested in drawings of objects they can reach. If you want to touch these drawings, you will need to have gear points, and each new level will give you a certain number. You’ll need to see what items you can unlock at your current level through their visibility. In addition, the limited number of indicators will require you to consider in choosing.

Players will not take their eyes off the apocalyptic world full of challenges and dangers:

  • Players will be accompanied by a character without any equipment appearing in an apocalyptic world and looking for a way to survive.
  • The number of objects you can find is diverse, and they have many ways to pick up and collect that you will need to learn.
  • Some items can be picked up, and others require a specific tool to collect them; dangerous zombies can appear at any time.
  • Each completed action grants a certain amount of experience so the player can level up and gain access to new items.
  • Players can choose cards with positive effects and use the correct gear points to unlock blueprints of different items.

What's new

– Everything’s ready for the anniversary event. The Wastelands are 5 years old!
– Celebrate in a big way – survivors have arranged Cease-Fire Fest.
– All the roads will come together at the crossways: raiders, bikers, and Genesis are disputing over a mysterious vehicle.
– New tasks, storylines, and rewards.
– The first ever skill-adding, upgradeable outfit.
– New events in Season 23.
– A special anniversary gift.

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