CODM MOD APK v1.0.45 (Mega Menu, AimBot, ESP, Chams, Anti Ban)

CODM MOD APK v1.0.45 (Mega Menu, AimBot, ESP, Chams, Anti Ban)

Updated: 05-12-2023 (8 months ago)

Join the battle of survival that Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK brings to know who is the last survivor on the map with millions of players worldwide.

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Mega Menu, AimBot, ESP, Chams, Anti Ban
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Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK (CODM Mod Menu, Anti Ban) is launched worldwide. Are you ready to fight in endless battles, become the top gunner in the virtual world? Please download the latest version immediately by clicking on the link below our article.

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Referring to the survival games, you must immediately think of PUBG Mobile a game that is considered to be the most popular of all time. Have you ever wondered if there is any game that can match PUBG? The answer is yes, it’s Call of Duty Mobile MOD Menu. Evidence that after just over 1 year of launch the game has received a 4.5/5 stars rating with more than 12 million downloads on the Android platform – a figure that is difficult for any game to achieve.

Basically, the gameplay and fighting form has not changed from the same genre. But why is this game so well received by the gaming community? Join us to find out in the next sections of the article!


This is the mode loved by every gamer in the world. Does not require high combat techniques, just calm and assertive you can become the last survivor. Just like in PUBG you can choose from a Solo, Dual, or Squad match. Whatever match you choose, your main task is to defeat all the other players and become the last survivor/team. In addition, the game also allows you to fight in both the first-person perspective FPP and the third-person TPP perspective.

Instead of using the default character to join the fight, you will be given the option to play the character. Guardians, mechanics, commandos, ninjas, scouts, military forces are the characters you can choose from. Each character will possess different fighting skills. A little tip in the character selection process is to not choose characters with similar combat skills to your teammates, instead, choose characters with truly different skills. To be clear, if you choose to choose a commando, you should choose a medical officer or a guard instead of choosing a spy character.


This mode will basically help you practice improving your fighting skills with some small matches. There are 6 different fighting modes: fighting, fighting, setting boom, life and death, fighting for points, practice,… Each mode will have a separate way of playing. Although the battles in these modes are quite simple, sometimes there are also quite interesting challenges that require you to use your skills and combat experience to pass.


This is the mode that gamers always care about. The level of page edge in this mode is relatively high, you have to really possess precise aiming skills and have a great experience on the battlefield that can stand high. And of course, the rewards in this mode are also completely matched. Awards are given at the end of the seasons, the characters in the top best will be honored and receive many useful items.


For those participating in survival games, shooting mode is a feature that is always the top concern. Grasping this mentality, Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK has provided up to 2 different shooting modes that allow players to choose freely. The simple shooting mode is suitable for the fast-paced gameplay that sweeps everything, you just need to move your heart at the opponent, the gun will automatically explode. But in high-energy mode, you need a very precise rosary center before firing. This mode is not suitable for shotguns or sniper rifles but is an effective assistant for snipers. Two shooting modes with two different advantages are also the intent of the manufacturer.


Call of Duty Mobile MOD Menu APK is a game rated by the gaming community as a game that owns the ultimate graphics platform Unreal Engine 4. This can be said to be the most modern graphics technology optimized for mobile. At a glance, we will probably see it quite familiar with PUBG Mobile. However, as far as I can see, the graphics quality coming from Activision Publishing is somewhat better than Tencent’s PUBG. From details such as plants, houses are also meticulously designed to the character designs in the game, the word “perfect” must be used for this game.

Call of Duty Mobile MOD Menu

MOD features:

  • Mega Menu

Download Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK for Android

Call of Duty Mobile MOD Menu is a survival game not to be missed. Download this game right away from our link below and do not forget to leave a comment about your experiences to let us know.

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