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Legendary MOD APK v3.18.0 (Quick Win, No Ads)

Legendary MOD APK v3.18.0 (Quick Win, No Ads)

Updated: 22-04-2024 (3 months ago)

Legendary: Game of Heroes Mod Apk is a game that turns you into legendary heroes; you will use your wits, skills, and strategies to solve the game’s questions and destroy the evil monster. Find more teammates to create boundless power together.

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Legendary: Game of Heroes Mod Apk brings you to the world of heroes; you will be transformed into the hero character that you have admired for so long. Players will have to use intelligence and skills to come up with the right strategies to destroy the evil monsters. Use the magic you have based on solving puzzles to defeat the opponent. Use your intelligence and sensitivity to win this game.


The game forces players to participate in solving difficult challenges, so you have to be smart to solve them. Players must know how to combine heroes with different special powers, each with their own unique strength, to be able to fight the enemy. Let’s match the characters with the right spells that will help our hero fight better.

In addition to intelligence, skills are also indispensable in each player. You need to have good skills to be able to use magic in the best way. Magic will maximize its effect when you control it in the right place, at the right time. To win against evil monsters, players must be extremely smart when they have the right strategies.


The monsters in this area are extremely terrible; you may still defeat them on your alone, but doing so will make you feel more exhausted than ever. Instead, gather a large group of people and battle as a team, sharing burdens and battling together. Many of the obstacles that the game presents will be handled with the assistance of your teammates, therefore cultivating positive connections with your teammates.

This game will help you expand more relationships in real life as well as in this virtual world; you can make a lot of new friends. You will be teammates, together with performing the tasks of this game. Let’s join together and create beautiful memories together; a good combination will create an incomparable boundless power.


Players must combine heroic characters with the strength that suits them, in addition to having to solve puzzles to be able to increase their hero’s strength. Heroes will have their own strengths, so you must use them wisely to destroy the evil monsters that are destroying everything. Upgrade your heroes; their power will become stronger day by day with each level.


If you’re afraid of boredom, don’t worry, because every week, Legendary: Game of Heroes will update with new missions as well as new challenges for you to complete. You will always be busy with being a hero. Special events will be held regularly, so please update as quickly as possible to participate and receive attractive rewards; it will make it easier for you to fight.

In addition to the quests and events, new magic hero cards are always given so you can conquer them. These cards are hard to find, so it’s always exciting to have. Players must work hard to participate in quests and events to find new cards. Please update this game regularly to be one of the first to own new cards.

Legendary: Game of Heroes turns you into heroic characters that you can’t even dream of. Cards with different strengths need you to combine with the hero to suit the best. This will be the job that makes you use a combination of things, from intelligence to life skills. Let’s create a solid team to be able to go through the missions of this game with you.

Experience Match 3 RPG matches

Legendary’s gameplay will be different from other games of the same genre. But don’t worry, there will be tutorials for beginners. The basic task of each player is to complete the stone maze. On the screen appears the stones are arranged in no order. Just move a little and they automatically cancel each other. Arrange these stones in a set of three in a horizontal row, you can also arrange them in sets of four or five. For every single stone that destroys you, you get a bonus. This bonus is used to buy hero cards, participate in battles with other players.

Complete collection of hero cards

As I said before, you need cards to fight your enemies. On each card, there is an image of a hero and information about them is also different. Legendary designs cards of hundreds of heroes with a variety of powers you never thought possible. These cards are divided by level, the number of stars on it. A card with more stars proves that the character can fight better. It’s great that you have high-level characters in your squad.

A series of exciting events

Legendary also created a system of daily quests and weekly events to prevent players from getting bored. Just taking attendance every day, players have also received rewards. The most interesting thing is probably the weekly events. Each week there is a leaderboard for the participants who are leading in scores. The higher the top, the bigger the reward. This is also your chance to receive extremely rare cards.

Key Features of Legendary: Game of Heroes:

  • The game takes players to the world of heroes, where you have never been in this life.
  • Players need to use their intelligence and skills to solve challenging puzzles that the game offers.
  • The game allows you to combine many people into a team to be able to work together to destroy evil monsters.
  • Events will be updated every week, and there are attractive rewards to help you complete tasks more efficiently.
  • Upgrade your heroes so that they can become stronger every day at each different level.

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