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Legends Of Runeterra

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Legends Of Runeterra APK is officially available for the Android operating system. Set from the dark universe in League of Legends (LoL). This is probably a new product that attracts the most Riot gamers. Players can download the APK version to experience the game soonest.

Introducing Legends Of Runeterra

It is a game designed based on the context contained in League of Legends. Legends Of Runeterra is currently a blockbuster card game with the characteristics of LoL. The game recreates the favorite generals in LoL to please fans. Similar to Hearthstone based on World of Warcraft, Legends of Runeterra is designed in the LoL world. Your goal is still to destroy the opponent’s main house and win. In order to do this, it requires the ingenuity of the player to decide to win.

A special feature of Legends of Runeterra is that the generals have been completely redrawn, unlike LoL. There are 24 generals with familiar names that LoL lovers will know. One of the favorite names like Anivia, Ezreal, Teemo, Garen, Darius, Yasuo, Lux, Braum, Thresh, Yasuo, … The generals in the game will have a special mechanism. Promises to bring a unique experience for players.


Legends Of Runeterra APK

The main objective of the player is to bring the opponent’s main house to 0HP. But to do that is not as easy as you eat rice every day. To start the game, the player needs to randomly pick 4 cards from the 40 available cards. You can also randomly change another card by clicking the replace button below them. On the right of the screen is the action button (Opponent’s Turn). Whenever you are sure of your action, press that button to turn your turn to the enemy.

Mana bar will be the place to display your current energy level and opponents. Each card requires a certain amount of Mana. For a card game, you need to consider the mana in each of your rounds. This is a factor that determines the number of cards you can withdraw and directly affects your strategy. The stronger and rarer the card is, the more mana it consumes. Initially, you can skip some low mana cards to find some better cards.

Legends Of Runeterra is the ultimate strategy game

Legends Of Runeterra APK

Unlike some other card games, Legends Of Runeterra has an alternate attack and defense mechanism. That is, this round you attack, then the next round you will defend. Whoever has the Attack Token (sword shape), that party will have the right to attack. By deploying troops first and waiting for the enemy to deploy defenses later. Before pressing the action button, players can preview the effects that will occur by pointing the cursor at Oracle’s Eye (blue eye icon) on the left. It will show the whole future will happen. Besides the history button, it will allow players to review the entire process that has taken place.

Rules of countervailing in turn

In a round, there are basically a total of three stages including two Summoning Stages and one Battle Phase. The round will begin with the first Summoning Phase, and the attacking side will have the right to go first. With rule 1-1, players will be fighting in turn. That is, the go-ahead has the right to give a card, and the opponent has the right to also give a card. It will end until the attacker no longer wants to summon.

The fighting side will then begin when the attackers deploy their troops. By not yet bringing them from the rear to the front line. And the enemy will send troops to intercept. The last will be the second Summoning Phase with the right to go ahead of the opponent. The rule of 1-1 still applies. The round will end when the opponent doesn’t want to summon, and the archers will swap places.

Magic card

The magic card has a slightly more complex mechanism than the current card games. In the game, there are three types of magic arranged based on their action speed. Corresponding is Burst, Fast, Slow. With Burst, its effect is immediate that the enemy will not be able to resist. Fast, after you use these spells, the opponent will have the right to use other Burst and Fast spells to block. Slow Cards, this type can only be used in two Summoning Stages. However, it can also be countered with Burst and Fast cards. You will not be able to use the Slow card for interception purposes.


Legends Of Runeterra APK

Characters of Legends of Runeterra are also classified by rarity. Their power also corresponds to the rarity it has. The remaining cards are also ranked by rarity like Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary with white, blue, purple and yellow gems below each card. There are a total of 24 generals out of 148 champions in LoL. One of them is Anivia, Ezreal, Teemo, Garen, Darius, Yasuo, Lux, Braum, Thresh, Yasuo, … Certainly, in the next updated versions, Riot will bring in more generals to allow players to freely choose.


In terms of graphics, I personally rate the game Legends of Runeterra to be perfect and detailed. The color and art style of the game has created a very unique feature from Riot that we are so familiar with LoL. The effects in the game are also done very meticulously. It can excite players by novelty.

A copy of the game has a moderate tempo. Although gentle but equally majestic. Like taking players into vast Runeterra lands. Although not to the point of excellence, I still appreciate the sound of the game. Suitable for games that use a lot of brains to think like this.


Regarding Gameplay, as a card game, Riot is also very smart when choosing unique elements of the previous card games. Riot is still in a fair phase and pushing the tactics in the game. Overall, this is also a game worth playing for LoL gamers in particular and for card game players in general. This game promises to have a lot of interesting things that can be exploited in the future.

Above are the instructions and reviews about the game that I have experienced. The important part is for you, what are you waiting without trying to download the game to experience. If you have any questions about downloading games or creating an account, leave a comment below.

Currently, the official version of Legends of Runeterra is available on the app store for mobile. Players can download it by visiting the Google Play Store, the App Store. However, you can also download and install it using the APK file. Select a link below and click the Download button to experience.

Install Legends of Runeterra APK

  1. Open Settings of your device, go to Security/Privacy & Enable Unknown Sources.
  2. Download the Legends of Runeterra APK file below the article.
  3. Install it on your device. (“Allow from this source” if asked)
  4. Open and enjoy the game.

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