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App Name VALORANT Mobile
Version 1.0
Size 100M

About VALORANT Mobile

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Join the non-stop battles in VALORANT Mobile APK. The top FPS shooting game that anyone who is passionate about the action genre cannot ignore. The story is about a world in the future when humans constantly have to train young warriors to fight off the invasion of aliens. Join the school with your character, where you must learn combat skills and participate in real battles. It helps you gain experience to fight better in the future. All players participate in a randomly matched match, you still have the right to invite your friends to join. Our APK version allows you to unlock items for free, multiplying rewards many times.

Choose your character

VALORANT Mobile has a character system with different information. You are only provided with a default character first, and later you need to work hard to level up and use gold coins to unlock other characters. Every character has a name attached to them and different fighting skills. In addition to using guns, the characters here also have the ability to use magic to control weapons. Distinguish them from each other based on the main weapon they use. For example, the guy Pheonix has the ability to use fireballs, and the girl Rena controls the set of ice darts. Let’s explore the skills of all the characters in turn.

Fast-paced, dramatic gameplay

In each battle, there will be two teams divided into offensive and defensive teams. The task of the attacking team is to find the energy towers that the defending team is trying to protect, the attacking team needs to use their weapons to destroy it. Each team has 12 players, calculate the strategy and divide everyone into different defensive positions. You not only protect one tower, but on the map appear many towers. Because of the participation of many players, you need to have a good play speed or you will be quickly defeated.

Various toy maps

VALORANT Mobile builds battle maps that are closed zones. The simplest example is that you fight in a warehouse area, can not get out but must face the enemy in this area. The map is constantly being updated and new models are rolled out. The arrangement of the map and the location of each team’s appearance is random so you don’t fall into a boring repetitive situation. Adapt to situations and quickly come up with solutions. Enemies can hide anywhere.

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