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Little Big City 2 MOD APK v9.4.3 (Unlimited Money)

Little Big City 2 MOD APK v9.4.3 (Unlimited Money)

Updated: 01-05-2021 (3 years ago)
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Little Big City 2
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Unlimited Money
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Becoming an architect to build a modern city, comfortable living space is probably the dream of many people. Fulfill your dream right now by downloading and experiencing Little Big City 2. The MOD APK (Unlimited Money) version of Little Big City 2 has been updated at MODDER.ME, click the download button to play Come on now.

Little Big City 2 MOD APK

MOD Description

  • Unlimited money: Building will be quite difficult if you do not have enough capital. But with the version we provide, you won’t need to worry about this anymore.
Little Big City 2 MOD APK

After the success of the first version, Gameloft decided to continue releasing the part called Little Big City 2 to continue this success. Still gameplay with the goal of planning and building a city of your own dreams. In addition, part 2 is also updated with many new features and items to increase the player’s experience. If you are a fan of the construction game series in general and Little Big City in particular, do not miss this great game!

A hard job

Becoming a great architect is not an easy job. Not only talking about professional issues but sometimes problems also happen in your work environment. This time, you will be partnering with a rather quirky mayor, so there have been a lot of bad jokes appearing. In addition, you also have to satisfy investors who have a lot of opinions, sometimes they disagree with each other. It seems quite a headache, but you will get through it, right?

Let’s start building

Little Big City 2 MOD APK

Initially, you will be taken to a deserted island without anything for a meager amount. You will have to use that money to start your construction quest. For first-time players, Little Big City 2 also provides very detailed and easy to understand instructions.

First, a city needs to be populated, so you must build residences to attract more residents to the city. Start to build small homes, then progress to larger apartment complexes. Homes and condominiums will bring extra money and experience. You continue to accumulate money and use them to build more buildings. For example, shopping centers, parks, public buildings,…

Do not ignore public works such as museums, squares, cultural houses,… these are works that have the ability to attract more tourists. They are one of the great sources of money besides the people.

Economic development

Little Big City 2 MOD APK

Promoting economy is one of the most important mottos to help your city grow. Construction of ports, airports, and roads is one of the ways to promote industry and commerce. The pier has the ability to exchange goods with other cities, airports to transport tourists, exchange roads in the city area,…

Additionally, each building will have three stages of upgrading. Try to upgrade as much as possible so that the works are not out of date and give you the best job performance.


In Little Big City 2, the main currency is still money and diamonds. Like the original version, you can make money through production, bartering, or daily quests. Diamonds are harder to find. You can only earn by buying with cash, performing special tasks or watching ads.

Beautiful graphics

It is difficult to find the minus point in the graphics of the works from Gameloft, and Little Big City 2 is also such a work. The interface, environment, the background of Little Big City 2 is very well designed. The player can cover the entire job when the task and the staff list is designed along the left, and your city occupies the remaining area. True, vivid images with a wide range of colors. Especially the image quality is excellent, sharp to every small detail.

Download Little Big City 2 MOD APK for Android

Little Big City 2 is a great building game. With what Little Big City 2 offers, I believe you can spend all day plowing this game. What are you waiting for without starting to build your own paradise right now?

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