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What can little yellow creatures who love to eat bananas, speak a language that even God can’t understand? Join Minion Rush APK to experience the endless race with this adorable creature!

Introducing Minion Rush APK

After the cartoon The Moon Thief exploded, the popularity of the yellow creature named Minion has increased due to their cuteness and somewhat quirky actions. Since then, there are many games and products that follow the image of Minion. And Minion Rush is one of the games about this cute creature. Realizing the potential of Minion’s image, Gameloft SE and Illumination Games have teamed up to develop games suitable for all ages. This game is a blend of non-stop running elements like Temple Run and animated graphics. Cute Minion figure. If you are a fan of this banana-loving yellow creature, don’t miss this amazing game!

Fun action gameplay

It can be seen that Minion Rush’s relentless running gameplay resembles the legendary game that once stormed on many forums – Temple Run. In Minion Rush, you will become a lovely Minion participating in the fun and endless chase. On the track there will be a lot of bananas scattered, your task is to collect as many bananas as possible. Initially, the speed of the game will be quite slow, but as it goes on, the speed will get faster and faster. The more bananas you have and the longer you can run, the higher the banana bonus points value.

In addition to the running levels, you will also receive special quests. They are changed when version is updated. So check for updates every time Minion Rush refreshes these quests.

Lots of obstacles

Of course this race track will not be smooth and easy. Minion Rush designed a lot of obstacles that make you lose vision, slow down, and easily lose. You must control your Minion avoiding obstacles by performing actions such as jumping, swiping left or right, tumbling, jumping… If you are more flexible, you can combine both actions with creating a nice effect as well as effect. Try to go as far as possible.

In addition to obstacles, along the way you will also encounter random support items to help you go further. For example, magnets can attract bananas around the path or items to double the number of bananas, increase the time to use the item…

Many eye-catching stylish skins

The bananas you collect on each trip will be used to exchange skins for your Minions. Minion Rush provides players with dozens of characters with lots of images, extremely cute and funny costumes. Experience a good time with simple Mel, a free heart Carl or a quiet but reliable Jerry. Meet the Minions again in familiar or variable poses with many different styles. Become a Vampire with a mysterious cloak and hat, become a clumsy maid, a mischievous Hawaiian dancer,… and lots of costumes are waiting for you to discover.

Fun graphics with sound

Minion Rush owns bright and eye-catching 3D graphics and vivid colors. And if you’re a fan of Minion-related movies, you might find that the locations in the game are all inspired by those movies. For example, the Residence where Gru lives, the house of Eduardo or Freedonia, or the prison where Minion is trapped, runs through the El Macho temple. The sound is a plus when it comes to simulating the amused Minions laugh.

Download Minion Rush APK for Android

Personally, I find Minion Rush a super fun, simple, and extremely addictive game. The game does not require effort, experience to play, very easy access to many objects. I firmly believe that once you experience Minion Rush, the game will fascinate you so much that you do not realize the time has passed. Download and feel this game for yourself!

Download (126M)
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