Love Live! School idol festival
Love Live! School idol festival

Love Live! School idol festival Mod APK v9.9.3 (AutoPlay; Perfect Lock) Download

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Fans of Love Live! was extremely excited to know that a game of this anime will be released to the audience soon. Will Love Live! School idol festival MOD APK satisfy fans of this anime in particular and gamers in general? We have to experience it ourselves to appreciate it.

About Love Live! School idol festival MOD APK

Love Live! School idol festival MOD APK

Developed and released by publisher Klab, Love Live! School idol festival since its announcement has received a lot of attention from fans. Because of the content from the anime movie, Love Live! School idol festival is a game of the musical rhythm genre. Players when participating will have the task of selecting beautiful girls with musical talent, then helping the girls complete the plot and overcome difficult musical battles.

Many attractive game modes

Although the developer listed Love Live! School idol festival in the musical rhythm genre, I personally found that after experiencing this game, this game also incorporates role-playing. When starting the game, you will be given the choice to experience one of two modes, “Story” and “Live”. If you choose the “Story” mode, you will have to complete the default missions given by the game to complete the storyline. Here you will act as the manager of two singing teams μ’s and Aqours. Your job is to manage the schedule of the two teams as well as train them to become more professional.

The live mode doesn’t have as many scenes as the “Story” mode. Players will select the girls and form a team, then directly compete in the music competitions, The contests in this mode are divided into 4 difficulty levels from easy, normal, hard, and Experts. There is also a special level of Master, suitable for those who have experience playing Love Live! School idol festival because of its difficulty and songs are limited in a short time.

Selecting and creating a strong singing lineup

Love Live! School idol festival MOD APK download

Love Live! School idol festival brings together 54 beautiful girls with singing talents from six different schools including Seiran High School, Chitose Bridge High School, Shinonome Institute, Tooh Academy, Shion Women’s Institute, and YG International Academy. The girls are represented through a gacha system of cards, called members. Members are divided into several categories such as N (normal), R (rare), SR (super rare), SSR (special super rare), and UR (extremely rare). Except for the N-level members, the rest of the members all have a leadership skill set (passive) that can affect the net score.

The idols are also dealt with according to the attributes of each card such as Smile, Cool and Pure. You will be able to choose up to 9 members to form a team. The arrangement of members to form a lineup when participating in music matches is extremely important, it directly affects the number of points you receive. The higher the rarity members, the more points they get. In addition, the tactical factor is also quite important, you should arrange the members with the same attributes to perform the appropriate song for higher scores.

Many interesting events

Love Live! School idol festival MOD APK for Android

If you have completed all the levels of the two modes above, do not rush to leave. Every 15 days Love Live! School idol festival holds a new event. Each of these events will last about 10 days and have a 5-day break, the extremely attractive reward is a rare UR card with many Gs, Love Gems as well as skill increase cards. These rare cards will not appear in the game so the only way you can get them is by winning this special event.

There are 6 events in total and they will be held in rotation. Although the event content may repeat, each time the reward will be a different UR token. These include Sukoa Macchi, Medore Fesutibaru, Osanpo Rari, and Nakayoshi Macchi.

Currency in Love Live!School idol festival

Compared to other games, Love Live! School idol festival has quite a variety of currencies. In which LP is the most common and it is expressed as a fitness score. When you participate in music matches, you need an LP to compete, each song will take about 25 LP depending on the difficulty. After a certain amount of time, LP will be recharged. But if you don’t want to wait too long then you can buy Love Gems, they will fill your LP bar instantly. To level up idols or cults, you’ll use Gs. GS is also used to buy temporary stat boosts when you join the event. Friend Points are quite useful as you can use them to search for N, SSR, and R membership cards.

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