Lunescape Mod APK v1.10.0 (Unlimited Diamonds, Energy)

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App Name Lunescape
Mod Features Unlimited Diamonds, Energy
Version 1.10.0
Size 206M
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About Lunescape MOD APK

You will be fascinated by mysterious stories in Lunescape MOD APK. Players when participating will play the role of a girl, there are many mysteries happening around this girl’s life and you will be a companion to solve problems with her. Unique gameplay when combined with the plot, players will feel like they are reading a novel. It will not be boringly repetitive because in each situation the player is decided to make different choices. Either way, it’s still your story. You will experience many different levels of emotions and maybe you will find a guy to match you. The most satisfying ending is a beautiful love story. Don’t wait any longer and download it quickly.

Style design for the character

Lunescape allows players to build their own image of the character they want. You will be able to choose from skin color, hair color, hairstyle, facial features, eye color, etc. Besides, you need to read the tasks that the game gives you to choose the right outfit. Each event requires different types of costumes. To receive the reward you are required to wear the required theme. If you don’t have it in your closet, go to the store to buy more. Don’t be afraid to spend money because winning the mission you will have a worthy reward.

Join the mystery discovery

As I mentioned at the beginning, Lunescape presents players with many situations and requires you to solve them. These situations will be tied to your mission. Meet other characters, chat with them to find the necessary information. You will have to find out the mystery of your true identity, why bad things always happen to you. In the process, guys will come to get to know you, date them and enjoy a passionate love affair.

Beautiful graphics and engaging sound

While Lunescape doesn’t create 3D-movable characters, it doesn’t detract from the game’s appeal. The character’s shape is very elaborate, every stroke is sharp like an anime manga. The harmonious color combination of light and dark makes the story background like a dream. Soft background music, suitable for the pace of the game. Both sound and graphics combine to make the game space very suitable for relaxation. You don’t have to worry about anything when you open Lunescape, just immerse yourself in your own story.

Download (206M)
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