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Makeover Merge MOD APK v2.25.811 (Unlimited Money)

Makeover Merge MOD APK v2.25.811 (Unlimited Money)

Updated: 25-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Makeover Merge
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Unlimited Money
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About Makeover Merge MOD APK

Makeover Merge MOD APK is a game about fashion design, shaping the characters in the game according to the requirements of each level. To experience all the changes in the character’s appearance in this game requires you to collect a lot of bonuses from the familiar on-demand object puzzle game. The game does not require too much of strategic play throughout game, but you need to skillfully move the side game objects to collect valuable bonuses.

Freely match the character’s clothes

Entering the game, from the first challenge you have to complete the task according to the instructions from the game such as cleaning your face, shaving your face, washing your hair, cutting your hair… Depending on the challenge, each level, the mission has may change. After completing the tasks set out by the game, the next step you will have is the task of matching the character’s request to her or him so that they have a certain satisfaction when they come to experience the door. your beauty products. You are free to mix costumes and accessories to meet customer requirements and receive a bonus after each successful combination.

Explore the mystery box in the side game

In addition to increasing the income from the customer consultation screen, you can completely increase the income from other side games in this game. specific game of finding objects on demand. You open the chests in turn, each chest contains a mysterious object and the task is to find a chest containing the required item, the faster you complete the challenge, the more rewards you will collect. . In addition to helping you increase bonus income, this side game also increases the number of costumes and accessories to meet all fashion requirements of customers.

Upgrade your beauty shop

Great source of income helps you comfortably upgrade the gadgets in your fashion store. From basic furniture to wall paint colors can be changed, not only that, you completely change your place with the upgrade of new furniture, bed or kitchen… You are free to arrange the furniture, touch and move to the location where you want to change items in your home and shop.

Graphics and sound effects

The graphics are not too invested but still change the scene continuously, the diverse character creations give you the opportunity to face many difficult situations and challenges of the game. The sound effects come alive with the voiceovers of the characters as you craft your clients, and there’s an equally vibrant soundtrack in the side-game play that adds even more excitement. enjoy participating in the game.

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