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Cuties MOD APK v11.7.722 (Unlimited Gold, Reward)

Cuties MOD APK v11.7.722 (Unlimited Gold, Reward)

Updated: 30-05-2024 (2 months ago)
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The latest Cuties MOD APK version for Android mobile phones has been officially released. Puzzle genre game suitable for all ages. In the world of Cuties, you will perform the task of solving jigsaw puzzles. Move the blocks so that the same ones are joined in triplets, then they will cancel each other, and new shapes appear. Take turns like this until you complete the task that the game offers. To increase the challenge for the game, the publisher also limits the number of turns you can transfer. Move the blocks smartly, making sure to solve the puzzle within the limit. Currently, Cuties is available for free download on the Google Play Store. However, if you want to buy many items for your room, you need a lot of gold coins. Let our MOD version with unlimited rewards make it easy for you to get all the things you want.

About Cuties MOD APK – The most engaging room renovation puzzle game on Android

The classic match-3 games have probably become too familiar to the game lover community. As a lover of this game genre, you certainly cannot ignore Cuties. This game offers you countless exciting match-3 levels and many new features rarely found in other games of the same genre. To make a difference, Cuties also has its cute avatar. Those are the characters with small round shapes, hairy, and big round eyes. In addition, when participating in the game, you also perform the task of renovating the interior of the rooms so that the tiny cotton balls have a place to stay in the cold winter. Since its launch, the game of the publisher Celtic Spear has attracted tens of thousands of participants. They expressed their love for this light game and gave it many compliments.

Familiar gameplay

As I introduced at the beginning, Cuties is a classic puzzle game. If you have ever played games like Candy Crush, then you will surely love this game. In each game screen, the screen displays squares containing objects of different shapes and colors. You need to move them vertically or horizontally to suppress them. Not only stop at connecting three blocks, but you can also wholly connect 4 or 5 blocks simultaneously. With 4.5 blocks, you will create a compelling composite. It can destroy an entire vertical line, horizontal row, or the same type of object at many different points. But it would be best if you never forgot that your moves are limited. So the player has to observe and connect the blocks so that they can both break them and complete the game’s tasks.

Various types of challenges

I don’t think Cuties is an easy game to pass. There are many more challenging puzzles waiting for you to solve. For example, you have to free the cute characters trapped in squares blocked by pine cones. With such levels, the game will provide you with bombs from the very beginning. That is not enough, and you need to work harder to rescue them all. The frame format of each game screen is constantly changing, requiring players to adapt quickly. Move the blocks to create the most advantage for yourself.

Player support features

Depending on the level of play, Cuties will give you powerful support tools for you to use. Look towards the top of the screen. This is where the support comes in. It can be a hammer to destroy any cell. In addition, players can also see an icon with a white glove shape. It supports you to swap block positions for each other. Only one block can be transferred at a time. Although it is a help, it is also necessary to know how to use it properly do not rely too much on it.

Shop and change furniture

Cuties differ from many other games of the same genre precisely. You will meet the game representative, who is small black feathers. Their name is also Cuties. Their house becomes old, ruined in the cold winter. Use the purple stars as a reward for each level to buy our cute cuties’ room redesigns. You are free to choose the style of each room. Let’s show your creativity.

Beautiful graphics

In terms of graphics, Cuties has a cute style. Every detail is meticulously designed in 3D. The publisher uses images such as flowers, mushrooms, leaves, raspberries, apples… to build up the picture of each level. Not only that, but the Cutie’s character is also beautifully drawn with big round eyes and many funny expressions. The primary color is the color that creates a relaxing and soothing space.

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