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mAst MOD APK v2.5.7 (Premium Unlocked)

mAst MOD APK v2.5.7 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated: 18-07-2024 (2 days ago)
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mAst Mod APK (Premium Unlocked) is a completely free and professional music video creation and editing application. Users create and freely edit video footage with a huge song library and impressive effects that make your music videos stand out.

You are free to edit many movies with a variety of different video themes. From a birthday party, an ordinary story or a short TikTok video… all can be created and edited on this utility application. Huge music store with many trending songs, diverse filters, rich fonts and an extremely simple user interface. Choose from an existing video or create a brand new one and experience all the fun editing functions of the app.


The simple user interface makes it easier to select and edit videos. The store of video filters is rich in themes with many different color tones, such as from classic 90s-inspired tones to modern, personality, and cute tones. Besides the diverse filter store, you can completely insert text content and move the text content position more conveniently. Lots of fonts, text colors make your music video stand out, choose and edit the right typeface and set the best position when exporting a music video.


Great background music store with many popular songs from many popular artists. Want to catch music trends like TikTok videos that are on the trending board of the TikTok platform? This app will help your videos climb the trend faster than ever thanks to the top trending background music. Enjoy and use background music with popular songs, and create music videos with catchy tunes in a variety of genres.


In addition to the usual editing features, the application also provides an extremely rich set of effects. You want to slow down the video artistically, you want the image in the video to follow the tune of the song or you want to blur the video image… The application supports and fulfills all your desires to use effects, you just need to Click to select the effect you want to add to your video, whether you add one or more effects is possible. In addition to extreme effects, a rich set of wallpapers cannot be ignored in this application. Wallpaper templates show a variety of layouts to make it easier to arrange video layouts, plus a variety of beautiful landscapes that make your videos more sparkling than ever.


  • Create and edit videos for free and professionally.
  • Rich filters, popular music store, impressive editing effects.
  • Insert video content simply, and move multiple locations in the video easier.
  • Fast video output, great picture quality, and sound system.

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