My Talking Angela 2
My Talking Angela 2

My Talking Angela 2 Mod APK v1.8.4.17269 (Unlimited Money)

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App Name My Talking Angela 2
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Download the latest My Talking Angela 2 MOD APK for Android to become a nanny for the lovely cat Angela. In our MOD version, you will have a lot of money to be able to buy and unlock the items you like.


Surely you are no stranger to the cute cats of the publisher Outfit7 Limited. If you love Talking Tom, get to know his girlfriend – Angela. In this version 2, there are many changes and updates with many interesting mini-games. Previously, if you have played virtual pet games like My Talking Tom Friends, My Talking Tom 2, and My Talking Angela, now with the next version of My Talking Angela will take you to a new level. Let’s enjoy this game now.


Talking Tom’s cute girlfriend – Angela has reappeared in My Talking Angela 2. Once again, people who love Angela are taking care of this cute cat. Players can take Angela to travel in Paris, Japan, New York… Take care of the cat and be responsible for feeding it, bathing it, and even wearing makeup and cute clothes. best for it. A wonderful journey awaits you, become a father, mother, or friend with Angela right on your mobile device.

Angela is not only a pretty cat girl but also a cute and emotional girl. Let’s know happiness, sadness, anger, and cute expressions that are indescribable. You can anger her and coax her with delicious meals, beautiful dresses, and entertainment at amusement parks.

The game is not just for entertainment, it also gives players a true friend. You will make friends with this clumsy girl throughout the game experience. At the same time, it is possible to understand the minds of the girls with Angela’s complicated emotions. Angela is a girl who loves to sing, dance and have fun. You can also have fun, shop with her on busy streets, enjoy great moments while playing music or you can dance on stage with hundreds of thousands of spectators.


Just like any Outfit7 Limited virtual pet game, players can directly interact with their pets. And a special point is that all of their pets can imitate human voices with extremely cute voices. And of course, whether it’s a pet cat or a virtual cat, you need to feed them. Starting the game, you will be familiar with the methods of raising cats. For example, feeding Angela, going to the toilet, bathing her, brushing her snow-white fur, and don’t forget to brush her teeth after meals.

The player can use gold to buy food for Angela because she has her own kitchen and a huge refrigerator. You can stock up on a large amount of food for this cute girl. When the cat feels hungry is when the shape of the food dish drops below 50%. You need to select the Knife and Fork icon to bring the cat to the table and choose the food you want. Some foods that you can feed it like cookies, milk, fruit, hamburgers…

When you start getting acquainted with the game, you will be provided with free food for your pet. But once the food in the refrigerator is exhausted, you need to buy them at the supermarket. You can use gold coins or diamonds to buy items. But don’t worry, our MOD version has helped you to solve this problem. When the food reaches 100%, your cat is full.


Angela is a catgirl, so the player needs to understand the character of a woman to meet the conditions and take care of her to help raise the level of sympathy for it. Besides dressing her up in beautiful dresses, players need to take care of her whereabouts. You can change the appliances in the house, the kitchen, and other areas of the house. This helps Angela get the best living environment. Bring a lot of inspiration to the girl and especially help raise her happiness index.


Of course, it’s a girl, but to be a catgirl, you also need to be beautiful and groom yourself. Players can wear and unlock the most beautiful clothes for her. Accessories for her such as hats, glasses, necklaces, watches, mane, high heels… not only that, you can also change Angela’s hairstyle. Finally, you can also make her more beautiful and confident to go shopping on the street. You can apply eyeliner, curl your lashes, apply lipstick and apply powder. This requires the player to need a few makeup skills to make her more gorgeous.


Just like the previous versions of My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela 2 also has diverse and interesting gameplay, there are even many mini-games for players to entertain and earn more gold to raise cats. Players can stack cute animals in the mini-game “Sliding Pets” or can sort food in “Snack Baskets” or enjoy jumping on donuts in the game “Donut Spin”. Moreover, you can also take Angela to dance and sing everywhere in the city. Mini-games also store player progress and they function as a complete and standalone games.

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