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Talking Tom Gold Run 2 MOD APK v1.0.32.15329 (Unlimited Resources, Gold Bonus Pickup)

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 MOD APK v1.0.32.15329 (Unlimited Resources, Gold Bonus Pickup)

Updated: 30-07-2022 (2 years ago)
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Talking Tom Gold Run 2
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Unlimited Resources, Gold Bonus Pickup
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About Talking Tom Gold Run 2 MOD APK

Are you a fan of high-speed games? Then let me introduce you to Talking Tom Gold Run 2 MOD APK. After the first season received strong support from players, the second season promises to bring you more surprises than that. Still keeping the same gameplay of the first part, but now the characters are more diverse, the challenges are also constantly changing. Each level plays with increasing levels that make it impossible for you to get out of it. The player controls the character Tom chasing gold thieves. You need to catch up with them and get back what was lost. Along the way, thieves drop many gold pieces, so don’t forget to collect them! That is also your reward.

Run at high speed and move flexibly

Once you hit start the game, you will start your chase. This route is divided into three main running parts. Players can run on any part of the road without obstacles. If you get caught in the traps set by the thieves on the road, you have failed and have to start the race again. The character’s running speed increases from slow to fast. The later you get used to the operations, the more flexible you will be. Prove to the thieves that nothing can stop you. Collect every gold coin that has been stolen.

Change your favorite character

As I introduced from the beginning, in season two, Talking Tom Gold Run released more character designs. Not only the familiar Tom cat guy anymore, now there are more of his friends Angela, rabbit, dog and mischievous ferret. Players need to gain experience to level up and unlock these characters. Or you can use gold coins to unlock early. After that, the player has the right to change the character at any time he wants.

Diverse race map

It must be said that the publisher Talking Tom Gold Run 2 has been excellent at hitting the player mentality that likes innovation. A series of maps with different battle modes will surely surprise you. Races in the jungle, ancient Egyptian mazes, volcanic belts, etc. There are also some stages where you must use special tools such as rockets to fly to the sky, it also helps you move faster without encountering obstacles. Or travel by boat in the sea, stay away from sharks and whirlpools.

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