Netboom MOD APK (Unlimited Time/Gold)

Last updated: 27/02/2021 (8 months ago)

Latest Version1.2.7.0
MOD InfoUnlimited Time/Gold
PublisherNetboom Ltd.,
PackageGoogle Play Link

Netboom MOD APK – Play PC games on Mobile is one of the best cloud gaming apps for mobile phones today. Enjoy all the coolest games for your computer right on your phone.

Netboom MOD APK – Play PC games on Mobile

Description of MOD

  • Unlimited Time/Gold

Gaming is definitely one of the best ways of entertainment today, with a wide range of games coming out every day, devices are also upgraded gradually, customers are free to choose the games they love. prefer. But it is very unfortunate that the power of the phone today cannot keep up with other gaming devices such as computers, consoles. This makes games made for computers almost impossible to run on phones even though they had to use a computer emulator application. Or you’ll have to wait for a remake of the game for your phone. The time may be several years when the power of the phone catches up with the computer and also when the game becomes obsolete. Sometimes it was at the same time, but with significantly reduced graphics and gameplay. Either way, there are always restrictions that prevent people from going to games for computers or consoles. However, a concept appeared quite long ago, VPS – virtual server. It’s a virtual computer, the parts of which can be found anywhere in the world. And you can access and use them from anywhere, from any device such as a computer or another phone. There are also some people who use them for gaming, but the biggest drawback of this approach is the high latency. When you move the character forward, this command will be executed after a while, preventing you from playing the game normally. To solve all of the above problems, cloud gaming was born to help gamers play games from any device possible. If you still do not know which cloud gaming application to choose for your phone, Netboom – Play PC games on Mobile may be a good name.

The superiority of Netboom – cloud gaming

It has the same structure as a regular VPS, is also a virtual computer with hardware located somewhere in the world, and you can access and use them with just your phone. But the difference is that these computers are designed to be the best for gaming, they have a powerful configuration, many games preset, and the lowest latency. You just need to make sure your connection is stable, all the games on your computer are now yours. No space, no maintenance fees, no need to wait for the game to load, it’s perfect, right.

Simple and easy to use interface

The main application screen simply shows a list of available games on the system. You can search for all the games you love with the search function. Once you have made your choice, you will be connected to a virtual computer with this game ready. Now that the computer is in the palm of your hand, the last thing to do is just play. Due to the limited screen area of ​​the phone, you can use a gaming controller emulator, or connect to a keyboard, mouse, or external controller for the best experience.

Powerful configuration

Your virtual computer will have the best hardware components available today, NVIDIA graphics card, up to 16GB of DDR4 memory, Windows 10 operating system. above resolutions up to 4K and 60fps. The only problem is whether your internet connection is enough to make full use of their power. Anyway, do not worry too much, 5G technology is in the process of expanding, in the near future there is enough network connection to fully utilize the power of cloud gaming.

Netboom – Play PC games on Mobile MOD APK version

This app is not just a one-time development. Developers still spend a lot of money and effort running the entire system on your behalf. So to be able to experience the games here, you need to convert real money into in-app money. If you don’t have a big wallet, use our Netboom MOD APK. The edited version gives you lots of gold coins and hours of play.

Download Netboom MOD APK – Play PC games on Mobile for Android

With the support of the MOD version, you can play for free forever. But it is not good because if everyone does, the developer does not have additional funds to maintain this system. If you already have a good experience with the MOD version, you can pay in the official app to support the developer. Don’t forget to share with us how you feel in the article’s comments.

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