Ninja’s Creed
Ninja’s Creed

Ninja’s Creed Mod APK v4.6.0 (Unlimited Energy, No Shake, Free Ads) Download

App Name Ninja’s Creed
Mod Features Unlimited Energy, No Shake, Free Ads
Version 4.6.0
Size 410M
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Download Ninja’s Creed MOD APK latest for Android devices to unlock and upgrade the entire weapon system to become the top assassin.

Ninja’s Creed MOD APK

Ninja’s Creed is an action game in which players will play the role of an assassin ninja hidden. When the news of the city appeared, there were dangerous criminal gangs. The ninja cannot see this when the villagers are weak people being bullied by them. He decided to spy on these gangs with the intention of disrupting underground transactions and completing assassination missions.


Ninja’s Creed mod apk

When watching the trailer of this game, I immediately think of the game Hitman Sniper 2. It can be said that the gameplay, these two games have many similarities. The players are all hidden face with the goal of disrupting underground transactions and protecting the city.

This game requires players to use a variety of weapons such as bows, guns, and darts to perform hidden assassinations. At the start of a mission, you will be assigned a specific goal. However, the hint of the game is quite short, causing the player to confuse the target when the place where you are raiding has many people. Pay attention to the hints of the game to determine the right person to destroy. Otherwise, the rest of them will flee when they find out that someone has been destroyed.

Ninja’s Creed mod apk

The game’s difficulty level is constantly being pushed up, which makes it difficult for players to destroy the target. Sometimes you will have to kill a lot of people to win or encounter many obstacles on the location where you raid. Players need to have skills in handling situations more agile and accurate. Destroy all the targets before they run away.


Ninja’s Creed mod apk

In this game, sometimes you will have to shoot a few arrows at the enemy to defeat them. One limitation of this game is that you cannot move and have a limited shot angle. Therefore, if you let them detect you may be defeated or they will run away. Therefore, players need to upgrade their weapons to have greater power. There are a few stats you need to pay attention to damage level, range, stability, accuracy, arrow size, and reload time. Players need to upgrade weapons to be able to destroy the target quickly.

Highlights of Ninja’s Creed MOD APK

  • Beautiful 3D graphics with smooth motion.
  • Various weapons can be used such as bows, darts, and crossbows.
  • Playing in the first perspective helps players like being immersed in the main character.
  • Various game modes such as Hunting List, Bounty Hunter, Armed Conflicts, and Daily Task.
  • Unlock weapons and upgrade powers to become a professional assassin.
Download (410M)
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