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Tower Gunner MOD APK v0.2.65 (Menu, Rapid Fire, No Recoil)

Tower Gunner MOD APK v0.2.65 (Menu, Rapid Fire, No Recoil)

Updated: 07-05-2024 (2 months ago)
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Tower Gunner
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Menu, Rapid Fire, No Recoil
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The zombie delegation is gradually entering and occupying the castle in Tower Gunner Mod APK. Your task in this game is to use the power of the gun to destroy the powerful zombies that are gradually occupying the castle that you have protected for so long. Don’t let any zombies invade your castle.


The zombies in turn enter the castle and there is no sign of decreasing in number, you will be equipped with a large gun, use the flexible gun movement function to aim accurately and quickly destroy the flood. That scary zombie. Each game screen the number of zombies will be fixed, you will have to complete the task of killing all zombies in the game screen to be able to unlock it in the next level.

The level of the game is increasingly upgraded

The difficulty of the game is increasing as the level of the game is getting higher and higher. More than 40 levels of play, more than 40 different challenges you need to use all your professional shooting skills to destroy the constant appearance of zombie delegations. The more difficult the game level, the increasing the bonus, you are free to use the bonus to change the weapon to increase the power to destroy the strength of the zombie army more easily.

The appearance of giant zombies

Not only increasing in number, many giant zombies increase as you unlock new levels. The huge power of the zombie army is increasing day by day, you need to prepare the tools to destroy the zombies and prevent the appearance of the zombie horde, successfully destroy the giant zombies, the more you increase the bonus. own in addition to collecting from passing the level.

Explore the arsenal and upgrade weapons

The arsenal gathers upgraded guns with great destructive power to help you not be too difficult to destroy the zombies. In addition to powerful weapons, you can completely upgrade other support items such as large bullets, bombs … Collect the amount of bonuses you have and continuously upgrade combat weapons.

Graphics and sound effects

The game’s graphics are invested in not too complicated, simple with the basic context design of the shooting title. Creating zombies is not too new and not diverse. As for the sound effects, the game creates a horror effect of zombie sounds and gunfire from combat weapons, making players more attracted to the game than ever. Fight like a warrior and destroy all zombies in Tower Gunner Mod APK.

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